Lex McAllister Passed Away From A Suspected Drug Overdose, Leaving People To Wonder If It Was Suicide

Lex McAllister from The Bachelor Season 14 in 2010 passed away on February 16, 2016 at the age of 31. According to Us Weekly, a 911 call alerted authorities that Lex had taken an overdose of prescriptions drugs on Saturday.

E Online reported that according to authorities in Columbus, Ohio, an unidentified caller told the 911 operator that Lex had just sent them a text with the message that she was going to end her life. The unidentified caller went to Lex's house and discovered her with empty prescription bottles.

Police and EMTs arrived and they managed to stabilize Lex McAllister before they transported her to Grant Medical Center and once there, she remained in stable condition. They put her on life support and her family gathered round. However, because Lex had taken an abundance of pills, her health suddenly changed, and her family had to make the painful decision to take her off life support. The doctors were not able to bring her back.

A source told TMZ that Lex McAllister suffered from bipolar and depression. Apparently, Lex has kept to herself for the past six months and did not speak to many people from The Bachelor show. Lex wasn't on The Bachelor very long, because she was eliminated on the first episode by bachelor Jake Pavelka.

Lex McAllister went on with her life and she got married, but her marriage just recently ended in divorce. Even though she was going through a divorce, she seemed to be in good spirits according to her Instagram page she posted two months ago.

"I so appreciate the amount of laughter, fun, goofiness and love I've been given. Thank you for my family, for my friends and for the many experiences I've had in just 31 years of life. Thank you God for cleaning my life of those who take but do not give, those who throw stones and those who have nothing to offer, but their own grief and angst. I look forward to the new people, places and things just around the corner. #thankyou #lifeisgood #2016 #byefelicia."
Bachelorette alum Jesse Csincsak told E! Online, "Lex was a great person, very outgoing, and charismatic. Everyone who met her would have said the same. I still can't believe she is gone. She will be truly missed."
The bio on Lex McAllister's Twitter page said, "Business development expert, franchise consultant, and entrepreneur. What I love: family, motorcycles and my dog Teddy."

Lex McAllister originally came from Galloway Ohio, but she loved Columbus and that is the city she made home. In an interview with Columbus Socialite, she said, "C-bus is one of the best cities to incubate and tighten a business brand before launching nationally."

Lex was a smart businesswoman, and according to Hollywood Life, did not care if she made it past the first week on The Bachelor. She did it for the PR. "I was very open with my opportunistic intentions to expand my contacts for my PR company, Lexicon Works, which is why I was a 'one and done' on the show."

Lex McAllister's passing has left friends and family in shock. Tenley Molzahn told E! News "I am honestly in shock that another beautiful soul would take their life. She was only on our first episode but she seemed like such a vibrant soul. This is just shocking news no matter how well you know someone."

Vienna Girardi also gave her condolences on Lex's passing. "I would like to express my sincere condolences. My heart goes out to Lex's family during this difficult time. I remember her being such a positive young lady who could light up any room."

There must have been something about Season 14 of The Bachelor, because Gia Allemand who came in third also committed suicide. Gia had an argument with her boyfriend Ryan Anderson, whom she suspected was being unfaithful to her. After lunch, he took her to Walgreens where she bought several items. When he dropped her off at home, she told him that she still loved him. However, he did not return her love as he said, "I don't love you anymore."

Instead of taking pills, Gia wrapped the vacuum cord around her throat. She was placed on life support, but doctors said she had been without oxygen for 30 to 40 minutes. She was 29 at the time of her death.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family that Lex McAllister leaves behind.

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