Kristen Doute Talks Jax Taylor’s Confidence: Fans Speculate He’s Doing Drugs

Kristen Doute may no longer be working at SUR, but she’s still a big part of Vanderpump Rules. Earlier this season, Kristen broke things off with James Kennedy after months of fighting and cheating on his part. Doute wanted something more, and she decided to move on. But years prior to this, when she was dating Tom Sandoval, she also slept with Jax Taylor. So when Tom and Jax had a little conversation on Vanderpump Rules, one had to wonder what side she would take. According to a new tweet, Kristen Doute is a huge fan of Jax’s comment about being the number one guy in the group – and it’s actually her favorite quote of the season.

“‘I’m the number one guy in this group,’ Jax Taylor #SorryNotSorry, my fave quote of the season #PumpRule,” Doute tweeted last night in response to the episode that aired Monday night.

Doute didn’t actually comment on whether she agreed with Jax, but it is clear that he’s made quite the impression on her with that statement, as that was the only thing she commented on.

Sadly for Taylor, fans of the show didn’t agree. Of course, Kristen Doute was once labeled as the crazy ex-girlfriend, when Tom Sandoval broke up with her and started dating Ariana Madix. Now, she’s found love herself, and it appears that she’s grown quite a bit in the process. She isn’t the crazy woman fans first met a few seasons back. So it isn’t surprising that fans of Vanderpump Rules are reacting to Kristen’s tweet, agreeing with one another that Jax simply needs to grow up.

“The guy ‘man’ is almost 40 if not, & he acts like a 19 yr old!!!! #PumpRules,” one follower wrote, while two others added, “He’s the #1 toddler in the group!” and “I’ve you’ve gotta tell people you’re the alpha dog, then you’re clearly NOT the alpha dog.”

Taylor doesn’t like it when people tell him what to do, but he was clearly under the belief that he was indeed the alpha dog of the group. One has to wonder what kind of friendship he has with his friends to make him think that someone is more popular or powerful than others. Regardless, his confidence — or arrogance — definitely caught viewers’ attention, and some speculated why he was so scary when he was talking to Tom Sandoval.

“The look on his face was almost scary. He needs to grow the crap up and get over his self!!” one person wrote in response to Kristen Doute’s original tweet, to which another person replied, “that was a face of major cocaine usage – hence the ‘nose job.’”

While the follower didn’t acknowledge the possible drug claims, the person did write back, “It was certainly scary. he looked like a [serial] killer as he was swigging on that bottle. Not normal behavior.”

While Jax hasn’t really been the focus of a drug storyline, it is no secret that drugs flow in the group. Scheana Marie’s husband, Mike Shay, admitted to popping pills and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol right after they were married. While it may not have been cocaine he was taking, it was a clear problem for Scheana. But Kristen Doute doesn’t seem to be involved with any of her former co-workers at all. According to Us Weekly, Doute has been dating Brian Carter, a man who has no relation to Vanderpump Rules. The two went on a date back in September with her co-stars, and they recently spent a weekend at Lake Tahoe together.

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s tweet in support of Jax Taylor?

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