Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: Are The Bulls Going All In For DeMarcus Cousins?

Do the Chicago Bulls have DeMarcus Cousins on their radar?

There was a bit of newsworthy information to be released by popular NBA writer Chris Sheridan about the Chicago Bulls calling the Sacramento Kings with offers for their two-time NBA All-Star center. Originally, Sheridan sent out a tweet suggesting that the Chicago Bulls were one of three teams, the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics being the others, who were inquiring about DeMarcus Cousins. Chris Sheridan’s tweet has since been taken down, but Mark Schanowski of CSN Chicago took notice.

Sports talk radio in Chicago went bananas once Chris Sheridan’s proclamation was made public. The recent tweet about the Chicago Bulls making overtures with the Sacramento Kings about DeMarcus Cousins was a follow-up from a December 15th report by Sheridan Hoops regarding the same thing.

The Bulls’ interest in DeMarcus Cousins may be real, but do not expect anyone from the Bulls’ front office to make comments about anything until after Thursday’s trade deadline has come and gone. Even then, all may be quiet. This is how the Chicago Bulls operate. To even be mentioned as one of the teams interested in the talented big man is refreshing.

Conservative is the proper description for the Chicago Bulls’ front office comprised of general manager Gar Forman and team vice president John Paxson. Their deliberate approach to business have hurt and helped the team. The fact that there are rumors involving Chicago being interesting in DeMarcus Cousins is a sign that Forman and Paxson are not satisfied with the 27-25 record. Truth be told, those outside of the organization believe that without making a aggressive deal before the NBA trade deadline comes to a close, that they will wind up on the outside of the playoff picture. Given the current status of the injuries to Joakim Noah, Nikola Mirotic, and Jimmy Butler, the arrow is pointing downward.

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Adding DeMarcus Cousins would not be an easy task for the Bulls. For starters, they are not a team loaded with a bunch of valuable assets. Prior to Noah’s season-ending injury, there was an embarrassment of riches in the frontcourt. The rumor mill had suggested that either Noah, Pau Gasol or Taj Gibson was on the trading block. Take Joakim Noah’s name off the list, but if a trade for Cousins is consummated, do not be surprised if Gasol or Gibson finds themselves going out in return.

Another name that has been thrown out there as a player whom the Chicago Bulls would reportedly part ways with is Jimmy Butler. There is no truth to that rumor which does not make sense.

Sending out Jimmy Butler in a trade to acquire would be a signal that re-signing him was a huge mistake. As good as Cousins is, and there are a few things that he can do to become great, he will need as many quality players on the roster as possible. What that means is Jimmy Butler is going nowhere.

There will be a contingency of people who will suggest that Derrick Rose should be shipped out in any deal involving DeMarcus Cousins. Trading Rose for Cousins is something that will not happen for business reasons. Rose is not a large enough return for arguably the NBA’s most talented big men and for the Bulls it would be a public relations nightmare.

Eliminating the names of Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose, that leaves the Chicago Bulls having to be extremely creative in order to acquire DeMarcus Cousins from the Kings. The most logical idea is to try and get a third team involved.

The word in Miami is that the Miami Heat want to move on from center Hassan Whiteside. The Inquisitr has reported that Whiteside is being aggressively shopped. It was also a suggestion that the Chicago Bulls should take a look at him.

Now that Chris Sheridan has mentioned the Bulls interest in DeMarcus Cousins, perhaps working a three-team deal involving Cousins, Gasol and Whiteside as the principal players being moved. Throwing in additional players and draft picks to make the financial requirements work. In a possible trade proposal via ESPN’s Trade Machine, the Heat would receive Pau Gasol, the Kings would get Hassan Whiteside, Nikola Mirotic, Chris Andersen and Cameron Bairstow. Add two first round draft picks from the Bulls to the Kings and a second rounder to the Heat, a deal can be made.

In this scenario, each team would get a player that they covet.

With Gasol, the Heat would receive a veteran frontcourt player in search of a chance at another championship ring. Always a class act, Gasol would provide much-needed scoring from every area on the floor. With Yahoo Sports just reporting that Chris Bosh is dealing with another blood clot scare, the Miami Heat may be hastened in finding a veteran frontcourt player. Pau Gasol would be a perfect fit.

The Kings would get a talented defender on the verge of stardom in Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside has a few maturity problems to work through, but if he can keep his composure, he has future All-Star written all over him.

As for the Chicago Bulls, they would take a small step back, yet still make the playoffs. Next season would provide a true indication of how good they can be with a lineup led by Butler, Rose and Cousins. As with all trade rumors, there is a lot of if’s, possibilities, and speculation. Until something materializes, all that can be done is pondering the possibilities.

When everything is over, do not be surprised if the Chicago Bulls stand pat. The fact that they are part of the rumor mill looking to acquire DeMarcus Cousins is a refreshing thought. If the Chicago Bulls wind up not doing anything, an already perturbed fan base will affectedly tune out the team.

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