Leah Messer Pregnant: 'Teen Mom 2' Star Addresses Recent Questions

Leah Messer is always battling one rumor or another. She has been a hot subject since last October, when she lost custody of her twins to her ex-husband, Corey Simms. Since then, Messer has considerably cleaned up her life. The Teen Mom 2 star has regained custody of the girls, sharing time equally with Simms. Messer has broken up with T.R. Dues, and is living on her own with her girls. There have been a lot of mistakes over the years, but Messer is doing her best to rectify the issues, and changes her ways.

Rumors have been circulating that Leah Messer is pregnant with baby No. 4. These come on the heels of Messer's breakup with T.R. Dues. According to Radar Online, Leah Messer is not pregnant. She has repeated over and over again that she is using an IUD for birth control. While there are some side effects and downfalls to using something like this, Messer has assured fans things are going well for her. In fact, she basically confirmed that she was done having children. She has three girls right now between two men. While she is an adult, Messer still has a lot to learn about life and about herself.

The last few years have been rough for Leah Messer. Things started to go downhill with Jeremy Calvert shortly after they welcomed their daughter. The couple was fighting about money issues, and Messer was overwhelmed with the daily life of being a single mom while Calvert was away working on the pipeline. Teen Mom 2 documented their marriage, and their rise and fall. Last summer, Calvert filed for divorce, and Messer signed the papers. Everything has been amicable, with Messer keeping residential custody of Adalynn. Both had seemingly moved on, but now fans aren't so sure. Calvert is dating Brooke Wehr, and Messer is single once again. Given her history, it would not be unlikely for her to pursue her ex-husband.

Despite the fact that Leah Messer is now single, having more children is not even on her radar. She has her hands full with her twin girls and Adalynn. In fact, Messer has mentioned several times in the last few weeks that she is not pregnant. According to Wetpaint, Leah Messer has repeatedly said that another child is not likely. The Teen Mom 2 star has a lot on her plate right now, but she seems to be handling it on her own. It has been just a few weeks since Messer and T.R. Dues split, and right now her focus is on her girls. It has taken a while for her to get to this place, but fans are excited that she is finally resembling who she once was.

Teen Mom 2 will be returning with Leah Messer and the rest of the girls in just a few weeks. Fans are anxious to see what Messer has been up to, and what they have been filming. When the last season ended, there was several unresolved issues. Messer is currently divorced, but has since resolved the custody issues with Corey Simms. Both of these issues were heavily focused on last season on Teen Mom 2. Messer had also done some rehab time for anxiety and depression. Fans are looking for an update on how that is going, though assumptions are that she is doing quite well. It is unclear whether or not T.R. Dues will be a part of filming with Messer. While it is still a few weeks away, fans are looking forward to Leah Messer being back on Teen Mom 2, and watching the footage from what happened over the last few months.

[Image via Leah Messer/Facebook]