Charrisse Jordan Assures Fans She’s OK After Marriage Woes Air On ‘RHOP’

Charrisse Jordan posted a message on Sunday night to assure everyone that she’s fine, despite what they saw on TV. The Real Housewives of Potomac star tweeted that she has received a lot of direct messages. She said that she’s okay and that she’s in Toronto with her children. She added that she’s “covered,” literally.

Charrisse did not say whether she was with her husband, Rutgers University’s head men’s basketball coach Eddie Jordan. She did reveal that she spent Valentine’s Day enjoying some basketball. She saw Kobe Bryant play at his last All Star game.

She also attended a NBA Legends brunch with her children.

Charrisse wished her fans a happy Valentine’s Day, which she hoped was filled with true love.

Is Charrisse Jordan in a marriage with her true love? Her profile description on both her Twitter and Instagram pages start off with “Wife,” so it seems that Charrisse still very much considers herself in a marriage.

Yet, on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Charrisse Jordan was shown questioning whether she’s in a real marriage and expressing dissatisfaction with how things are between her and Eddie. As Charrisse explained in her interview, Eddie lives and works in New Jersey because of his career. She admitted that she feels as if she’s running around like a chicken with her head cut off because she’s trying to be both mommy and daddy to her two kids. She said that when she first started dating Eddie, they didn’t have a lot but they loved each other and had a great time together. She said that while they now have a lot of things, they don’t really do anything together. She explained that while they used to get up every morning and walk for miles, now they don’t even talk for minutes anymore and that everything’s very business-like.

In a conversation with her friend Brynee, Charrisse confessed that her marriage is not what she wants it to be. She even confessed that she doesn’t even feel like her husband’s mistress because she doesn’t get any attention at all.

“It’s been not the best situation. His life is his job, you know, and I’m the mistress. I don’t know if I’m the mistress cause at least the mistress gets something. That way that I envisioned marriage, my marriage doesn’t reflect that, like, at all. So now I’m just trying to figure it all out…”

Charrisse then broke down crying. Brynee got up from her chair and embraced Charrisse in a hug.

Later on in the episode, Charrisse, Karen Huger, Katie Rost, and Gizelle Bryant had a casual get-together at Charrisse’s home. As talk turned to Ashley Darby looking up information on Robyn Dixon on Google, Charrisse commented that many people put up a façade in hopes of covering up the real mess that’s going on in their lives. She then confessed to the women that her own marriage is a façade, a façade that has been going on for three years. Gizelle told Charrisse to “know where you’re at” with the marriage before making any big decisions. Charrisse again broke down over her marriage, and the women gathered around her to give her hugs and console her.

A preview for The Real Housewives of Potomac show that Eddie and Charrisse Jordan’s marriage will again be a subject of conversation later on in the season. Gizelle is shown asking where in the world Eddie is. Perhaps Gizelle and the other cast members will take it upon themselves to do some sleuthing on whether Eddie is really just working in New Jersey?

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]