Tory Lanez Calls Drake ‘Calculated’ After Responding To Rapper’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ Diss Track

Tory Lanez may have called himself a Drake fan in response to rumors suggesting that Drake dissed him in his newest single release, “Summer Sixteen,” but it appears that Lanez is now throwing shade at his fellow Toronto native after reportedly dissing Drake during a live performance on Sunday.

Last month, Drake made headlines after debuting “Summer Sixteen” as the lead single off of his impending fourth studio album, Views From The 6, in which Drake takes aim at everyone from Meek Mill to President Obama, Jay Z, and Kanye West.

In addition to addressing his ongoing feud with Meek Mill, Drake also sparked rumors of an escalating feud with Tory Lanez after reportedly dissing the rapper’s The New Toronto mixtape in “Summer Sixteen” when he raps, “All you boys in the new Toronto wanna be me a little.”

While Drake has never confirmed speculation suggesting that his lyrics were aimed at Lanez directly, Tory recently responded to the rumored diss during an interview with Revolt in which he explains, “I don’t know what that man has against me.”

“I’m getting money over here. I’m good, I’m young, I’m finally in a position to feed my family, please don’t take that away from me,” Lanez continued.

“I’m a f****** Drake fan. Drake could diss me 20,000 times and I would never diss him.”

However, shortly after the interview began garnering attention from fans, Lanez took to Twitter to seemingly weigh-in on his passive response to Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” dig with the simple message, “Politics.”

Now, it appears that Lanez is continuing to open up about his feelings towards Drake after fans captured a video of Tory allegedly throwing shade at the “Hotline Bling” rapper during a performance over the weekend.

In a brief video obtained by a concertgoer, Lanez can be seen perched on a ledge above concertgoers while telling the crowd, “The one thing, no matter what … it’s always calculated …” before appearing to fall from the ledge after grabbing onto a detached piece of the wall behind him.

Shortly after the show, Lanez took to Twitter to shut down fans’ claims that he fell from the ledge during his performance, telling one fan, “I didn’t fall my g… I landed on my feet. It just looked crazy.”

While it’s unclear whether or not Tory was throwing shade at Drake during in his speech, several Twitter users seemingly confirmed speculation that Lanez was in fact talking about Drake prior to jumping off stage during his performance.

The news comes just months after Tory Lanez dispelled rumors of a growing beef with Drake after Lanez seemingly dissed the rapper’s use of the phrase “The 6” to describe their hometown of Toronto.

Speaking to The Breakfast Club in November, Lanez opened up about his alleged feud with Drake by revealing, “Me personally, I feel like the term is kind of corny. I later took [the tweet] down because I realized I didn’t want to alienate a certain audience. And anything that gives the city legs, regardless, should be supported.”

Similarly, Lanez went on to deny claims suggesting that he dissed Drake’s freestyle rap during his appearance on Hot 97 in which Drake rapped from a Blackberry phone, telling the radio hosts, “Is that a shot? I was on Sway, and I didn’t rap with a Blackberry. I was stating the obvious.”

Do you think Tory Lanez was taking shots at Drake during his performance?

[Photos by Brad Barket/Getty Images; David Becker/Getty Images]