‘Mob Wives’ Cast Putting Their Beef With Each Other Aside To Support Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola’s Brain Cancer Battle

Mob Wives star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola was recently hospitalized due to complications from stage four lung and brain cancer. At the moment, her doctors are not able to continue with any more treatments, because her body isn’t responding. As a last resort, Big Ang’s family is considering alternative treatments such as medical marijuana and other natural remedies. Her doctors encouraged her to seek other treatment options that may work for her.

Last week, Big Ang attended the reunion show and was able to sit through and participate in half the show. The taping generally lasts about 10 hours, and she left after around four hours, according to People. In the first half of the reunion show, the girls were calm and didn’t attack each other out of respect for Big Ang and her health obstacles. According to the report, when Angela left, all hell broke loose, and it was a war between a few of the women.

Apparently, the women decided a few days before the reunion show that they would remain friendly in Big Ang’s presence. They didn’t want to cause her any undue stress, and make her uncomfortable. They agreed to put their beef with each aside until she left. As soon as she left the studio, the fangs came out, and the women didn’t hold back.

Renee Graziano told People that Big Ang looked great at the reunion, and she seemed to be in a good place. Renee explained that many of the cast have known each other for a very long time, and out of respect for Big Ang, they held back. Big Ang was referred to as the “peacemaker” for much of the series, often staying out of the arguments and trying her best to remain neutral.

Karen Gravano explained that when Big Ang arrived at the taping of the reunion show, she was all dolled up and ready to work. After one segment which lasted a few hours, she looked exhausted. Big Ang told the cast she cannot continue, and needed to go home and rest. Once she left the building, the real drama started.

“As ‘Mob Wives’ we can be angry and have a beef with someone while we rally and support them. That is exactly what we did with Big Ang. We all care deeply about her. The show wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Brittany Fogarty, who is a new cast member, stated that Big Ang is one of the most loving people that she has ever met. Brittany noted that Big Ang is a beautiful soul with a kind heart and that she is praying that she will overcome the battle of cancer.

Last year, Big Ang underwent two surgeries to remove a lemon-sized tumor in her throat. The surgeon wasn’t able to get the whole tumor out, as it spread to her lung and brain. Currently, no medical treatment is working for her, so she is exploring natural remedies such as cannabis oil. Big Ang’s family launched a Go Fund Me account for her fans and loved ones to donate to help her get the treatment she needs. Her page raised nearly $45,000 in two weeks.

Big Ang posted to Instagram to check in with her followers and to give them a health update. She noted that she is feeling pretty good today and that she is trying to eat as healthy as possible. Big Ang seemed to be in good spirits and looked genuinely happy. Her fans are concerned about her and worried that she could lose her battle with the terrible disease.

On Facebook, her fans have decided to do away with negativity and surround Big Ang with positivity, refusing to believe that she won’t beat this terrible disease. They have gone as far as to ban those members that do not speak positively about Big Ang — as they refuse to believe that cancer will take her.

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[Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images]