'Serial Thriller---The Headhunter': Santa Cruz Serial Killers Edmund Kemper, Herbert Mullin Inspire ID's True Story

Traciy Reyes

Serial Thriller: The Headhunter is the newest installment in the popular Investigation Discovery television series that has captivated viewers. TheInquisitr brought you great coverage of the first two features---Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay and Serial Thriller: The Chameleon. In next week's debut, ID takes us back to Santa Cruz, California, in 1972 when police were desperate to solve a rash of murders that were occurring among college coeds. True Investigation Discovery fans have already guessed that "The Headhunter" is based around the true story of serial killer Edmund Kemper, and possibly includes the story of serial killer Herbert Mullin.


Both Edmund Kemper and Herbert Mullin operated as serial killers around the same time. Serial Thriller: The Headhunter will no doubt take you back to Ed Kemper's turbulent childhood where he endured life with a domineering mother and a weak father who fought constantly in the home. The bumpy home life most likely had an impact on the emotional health of the young lad who eventually down spiraled into a world of violent game play where he once fantasized about kissing and killing his teacher. Edmund Kemper's obsessions grew as he moved into his teen years when he began killing animals. His behavior scared his mother so much that she made her son sleep in a dark basement, so he wouldn't hurt his siblings. Throughout his life, Kemper was always being rejected---whether it was by his peers or his parents.

Eventually, Ed Kemper's parents dumped him on his poor grandmother, a woman who also domineering and controlling. That decision turned out disastrous after Ed Kemper killed his own grandmother and grandfather because he could no longer put up with his grandmother's nagging, Investigation Discovery's Serial Thriller: The Headhunter will reveal.

For the killings, Edmund Kemper was placed in a mental hospital where he seemed to excel. Four years later, doctors believed that he had made so much improvement they released him back into society. The truth was that Ed Kemper faked his improvement, so that he could get out and act on his deadly fantasies.


He tried to build somewhat of a life for himself by becoming a construction worker and hanging out at the local bar---a bar that was frequented by policemen. Ed Kemper had a deep admiration for police officers, and even wanted to become one himself. At the bar, he had a good impression on the cops who took him for a nice solid guy. What they didn't know at the time was that Edmund Kemper was the one who was responsible for kidnapping young college girls and then brutally killing them, later scattering their remains along the Pacific Ocean and other parts of Santa Cruz.

In all, Edmund Kemper killed six hitchhikers, his grandparents, his mother, and his mother's best friend. For the murders, he was convicted and sentence to life. Today, Edmund Emil Kemper is 67-years-old and is still serving time in a California correctional facility.

Santa Cruz killer Herbert Mullin killed 13 people between 1972 and 1973. During his reign of terror, he believed that murdering people would prevent earthquakes from occurring. He was also sentenced to life in prison. He is now 68 years old and continues to serve his time in Mule Creek State Prison. Below, you'll find a list of victims.


Victims of California serial killer Herbert Mullin

Lawrence White age 55, Mary Guilfoyle age 24, Fr Henri Tomei age 65, Jim Ralph Gianera age 25, Joan Gianera age 21, Kathy Francis age 29, Daemon Francis age 4, David Hughes age 9, David Allan Oliker age 18, Robert Michael Spector age 18, Brian Scott Card age19, Mark John Dreibelbis age 15, and Fred Perez age 72.

Victims of California serial killer Edmund Kemper

(Grandmother) Maude M. Hughey Kemper age 66, (Grandfather Edmund Emil Kemper age 72, (Mother) Clarnell Strandberg Kemper, (Mother's Best Friend) Sally Hallett, Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Luchessa age 18, Aiko Koo age 15, Cindy Schall age 19, Rosalind Thorpe age 24, and Alice Liu age 23.

[Image via The Deranged World of Serial Killers/Investigation Discovery Facebook]