‘Serial Thriller: Angel Of Decay’ Investigation Discovery’s Mini Movie Premieres Tonight Based On Serial Killers

Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay, is Investigation Discovery’s new three-night television event featuring bizarre crime cases that have been ripped from the headlines. Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay is based on a true story of an American serial killer—essentially, it is a mini movie that will recreate and dramatize the murders of victims, and show audiences how the police tracked down the killer. It will be exciting for viewers to put together the facts for themselves in order to try to find out the killer’s identity before it is revealed at the end.

Investigation Discovery is the leading channel that offers compelling true-crime documentaries covering a variety of serial killers and domestic killings. Most of their tv series have equally bizarre names. Tonight’s feature event is a bit different from standard ID programming.

Since ID is the leader in the true-crime documentary industry, making movies about crimes seems like a natural fit for the channel. The network has already announced that Serial Thriller [will be] “packaged into a feature-length for theatrical release,” according to Deadline.

ID’s Serial Thriller: Angel Of Decay most likely takes its inspiration from the Lifetime channel, which is known for its movies based on true crime, and most recently, the channel has delved into true-crime documentary programming. Tonight’s Serial Thriller episode is only going to give viewers a taste of what they will most likely see in the future from Investigation Discovery.

Here is what Discovery Group President Henry Schleiff had to say about Investigation Discovery’s first-scripted miniseries, according to TV Ruckus.

“We’re truly excited to bring this new form of storytelling, rooted in true crime, that permits viewers to piece together this truth-is-stranger-than-fiction mystery and solve the investigation alongside the detectives who broke open the case. We think that that our viewers will love this engaging and heart-pounding three-night event that is sure to keep them on the edge of their seats as they join the real life detectives and authorities in trying to stay a step ahead of the killer’s next move.”

He also stated the following, according to Deadline.

“With so many mass murderers etched into the public mind, the severity and depravity of their crimes is often lost in the ether. We wanted to remind the audience that these killers were once just faces in a crowd, chillingly under the radar as they committed the most heinous of acts.”

Do yourself a favor and change the channel over to ID tonight at 10/9 central to witness this spectacular television event. The trailer is below.

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