‘Cannibal In The Jungle’: Animal Planet Brings The Un-True Story Of American Cannibal Timothy Darrow And The Indonesian Hobbit Legend To Television

For Monster Week, Animal Planet combines the fictional, untrue story of Dr. Timothy Darrow and real scientific discovery for a new, two-hour movie entitled The Cannibal In The Jungle airing on the channel tonight.

Here is the synopsis.

“Dr. Timothy Darrow is a scientist who is convicted of eating and killing two of his workmates in the Indonesian jungle back in 1977. Dr. Timothy Darrow blames the murders of his workmates on an ape/human-like creature during his trial. The case becomes known worldwide as The American Cannibal case. Could Darrow’s claims be true? Is he an innocent man convicted of murder or is he a delusional killer? Tune in to Animal Planet tonight at 9/8c.”

Touted as an animal film that is inspired by real scientific discovery, The Cannibal In The Jungle will include graphic imagery as they dramatize the story. Animal Planet teases that it will follow a team of scientists on an expedition deep in the jungle of Flores, Indonesia, a remote place that claims to have hobbits: another species of humans that stand three-feet-tall.

There are many Animal Planet fans who are excited about the upcoming two-hour feature film. However, there are some who believe that the fake movie is ridiculous and not worth viewing — with some criticizing that the channel was once an education channel that truly inspired learning. Here are a few comments.

“Animal Planet used to be educational, someplace on TV where you can go to actually learn something – now it’s nothing but reality shows that have nothing to do with animals and sci-fi “mock-umentary” shows.”

“I’m done with animal planet.”

“What does a human eating other humans have to do with anything animal related? Unless theyre degrading him as an animal.”

“These shows are horrible. Stop making things up to get viewers!!”

Other shows that are premiering tonight, include the third season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Blue Seduction, a movie premiering on Lifetime Movie Network, and a new episode of Snapped Killer Couples based on the case of true crime stories.

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