Fake Shell Oil Twitter Account Spreading Hilarious Ads

Have you seen a few Shell Oil ads floating around the internet lately? If you follow @ShellIsPrepared you probably have. The twitter account was set up by Greenpeace to get people to share some great fake ads.

And Greenpeace is being pretty clever about it, too.

Instead of just promoting the ads with the fake Twitter account, they’re begging people to stop sharing them.

The “Social Media Team” at Shell Oil writes:

“Listen, it’s my first day. I’m good with facebook but I don’t understand why everyone can see my tweets.”


“Please stop sharing ads, we are in the process of removing inappropriate ones.”

The fake account even starts threatening re-tweeters saying that they are going to fetch Shell’s legal team. The account writes:

“Okay #Shell legal is out today. Some sort of yacht party. I don’t know, I wasn’t invited. BUT TOMORROW YOU’RE ALL SCREWED.”

According to the NY Daily News, Greenpeace set up the site ArcticReady.com about a month ago and produced several fake ads about Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic.


The genius of the site, however, really came from the Twitter account which convinced people, briefly, that the site was authentic and that Shell’s public relations team had really screwed up.

Shell, or I mean Greanpeace, also set up a Meme generator for people to create their own Shell ads. Here are some of the most popular fake Shell Oil ads.

fake shell oil ad
fake shell oil ads

What do you think of Greenpeace’s hoax website? Is this an effective way to protest the oil company?