‘Dexter’ Return Hinges On Michael C. Hall Reprising The Role– Showtime Refuses To Recast The Role Of Dexter Morgan?

Dexter is a television series that captivated the hearts of all who watched. Every Sunday night, Dexter fans would watch America’s favorite serial killer pick, stalk, then murder his victim. Through it all, Dexter fans ignored the fact that he was a murderer, and they rooted for Dexter Morgan to find happiness. It was a shock to the fans when Showtime pulled the plug on the popular show. Recently, it has come to light the reason the show has not been renewed for season nine quite yet.

Showtime has expressed an interest in renewing the show since 2014; however, it appears that Michael C. Hall may be the one delaying production at this point, according to Hollywood Life. In an interview in late 2014, Gary Levine stated they had a general outline of the season, and just needed Showtime to agree and sign actors’ contracts. It was a letdown a few months later when it was discovered that it didn’t work out, and Dexter was pushed aside once again.

In many ways, a Dexter return is like a rumor that won’t die — the fans were very disappointed with the ending, and it has caused many of them to petition Showtime to bring the series back. The fans hope that if the production and writing team got another chance, they could make the series great once again. There’s only one catch–Showtime stated they will only proceed with the show if all the cast members returned, including Michael C. Hall.

Reportedly, all the core cast members have agreed to return to the show, except Michael C. Hall. To continue with the series, Michael C. Hall will have to agree to reprise the role. Showtime has stated multiple times, they will not recast the role of Dexter Morgan. If Hall won’t agree to another season, the hope for the Showtime show to return is basically dead in the water.

Carter Matt reported that the ending to Dexter did not give the fans the closure to the series they needed. Dexter did not face any charges nor was he actually exposed for his crimes. And, he sent his son, Harrison to be raised by a known serial killer? So much of the ending doesn’t add up and seems very different than Dexter Morgan’s personality that the fans knew and loved.

Dexter fans have requested Showtime since the show ended, begging them to give the show a proper ending. The fans aren’t asking for two or three seasons. All they really want is one good, well-written season that would wrap up many of the storylines that were left hanging. It’s time to bring Dexter to justice and give him an ending that will leave the fans at the edge of their seat, once again.

Dexter season finale is one of the worst in television history. First, Deb Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) was killed, and then the serial killer, Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) moved with his son, Harrison to South America. The end perplexed many hardcore fans as it seemed so out of Dexter Morgan’s character to send his son out of the country with someone he didn’t truly trust, and to throw his sister out in the Florida ocean? If that wasn’t confusing enough, the last scene showed him working a lumberjack, rebuilding his life alone without his loved ones?

It seems like Showtime needs to come to an agreement with Michael C. Hall and wrap up the storyline in a better manner so Dexter can regain its status as being one of the best television drama of all time. Currently, many fans state Dexter was a great show, but the Season 8 was not very good. Showtime, it’s time to make it right.

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