‘Dexter’ Returns To Showtime — Gary Levine Confirms the Series Reboot — Axes ‘Dexter’ Spinoff?

Ever since Dexter aired its series finale in 2013, the fans speculated the award-winning series would return at some point. Showtime’s audience figured Dexter would return as a spin-off. However, Showtime executive producer shot down the spin-off rumors — explaining that isn’t the direction they want to go with the series. Showtime executive Gary Levine stated it isn’t a question of if Dexter will return, it’s a question of when is the right time to bring the series back to TV.

TV Series Finale reported that the network had plans to resurrect the beloved series — Levine just was not sure when they would be able to put it together. Showtime showrunner James Manos Jr. explained that he couldn’t see anyone but Michael C. Hall portraying Dexter Morgan, so if they wanted to keep Hall as Dexter, they’d have to wait for him to be available to set back into the role.

Most fans agree that Dexter series finale ended in a dissatisfying way. In fact, the act of him leaving Harrison in the hands of a known killer was against everything Showtime fans knew about America’s favorite serial killer.

The show ended with Dexter sitting at a desk after a hard day of cutting wood (as a lumberjack) and looking thoroughly bored with his ordinary life. Is it possible that Dexter begins to get the itch to kill again?

Celeb Dirty Laundry noted a few possible ways Dexter could be revived, one of which would be utterly disappointing for their viewers. At first, the Showtime executives toyed with the idea of a spin-off featuring a teenage Harrison after he discovered that his father was a serial killer. The Dexter spin-off was axed, and will not be an option to bring Dexter back on TV.

Horror reported that TPTB has been severely considering a reboot option for Dexter series. Apparently, Season 9 would open with Rita Bennett (Julie Benz) still alive, and correct some of the mistakes that were made throughout Seasons 5 through 8.

Another idea that was thrown around for a while is that Season 9 would open with Dexter Morgan on death row in prison. After convicted, Dexter tells his story from the end of Season 8 to how he was apprehended with the intent of the confession to be given to his son, Harrison.

Dexter writer Jeff Lindsay explained that out of all the ideas thrown around about Dexter’s return, this one was his favorite. Lindsay explained that Dexter Morgan cannot have a happy ending — he is a criminal. It would be a way to give Dexter fans complete closure, and the end of the series could be Dexter walking to face his execution.

The hold up on reviving Dexter, according to the social media rumors, was Michael C. Hall. He was not on board with returning to the Showtime series to reprise the role of Dexter and wasn’t sure he’d ever want to become Dexter again. Recently, Hall stated he was open to the idea of reprising the role again — social media released reports that Michael C. Hall agreed to resume the role of Dexter Morgan for two more seasons.

Youth Health Magazine reported that Showtime showrunner David Nevins noted that, while they are exploring ways to bring Dexter back to Showtime, there is no project in the works to revive America’s favorite serial killer. Nevins offered a glimmer of hope when he said that Showtime is not willing to shut the door on the possibility of a reboot or return for Dexter; however, at the moment, it is not in the works.

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