Case Photography LLC: Casey Anthony Starts New Life As Business Owner, Receives Death Threats And Hate-Filled Responses Via Social Media In Response

Casey Anthony, made famous after her daughter, Caylee, mysteriously disappeared and was later found dead in a wooded area near her home, has emerged from hiding with a new business venture that is ready to launch. Anthony, 29-years-old, filed paperwork to start Case Photography, LLC, initiating the process to start her new life as a photographer.

Spending most of her time avoiding cameras since being acquitted of murdering her daughter, Caylee, it seems ironic that her business choice is keeping her behind the camera, instead of in front of it.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Anthony filed paperwork in November to form Case Photography, LLC. The business’s expected opening date was January 1, 2016. The business address is associated with private investigator Patrick J. McKenna, where Anthony has been rumored to be living as she hid from the world after her infamous trial. Calls to Anthony for more details were not returned. However, her start-up photography company has received an influx of free advertisement as media sites from across the country have shared her new venture and the arrival of Case Photography, LLC.

The Washington Times reported that McKenna was approached outside of her home on Monday, in hopes of gaining further details of the arrival of Case Photography, LLC. However, McKenna refused to comment on the query.

Casey Anthony’s new photography business has not arrived without negative feedback. There are many that claim Anthony should not be allowed to do any sort of business in public, holding fast to the claims that Anthony murdered her daughter, Caylee, and was able to get off with little in the ways of reprimand. Despite the evidence provided during the trial, Anthony was not found guilty of her daughter’s murder, and no one was introduced as Caylee’s potential murderer. So, with the case left unsolved, many still blame Casey Anthony for the death. Those beliefs are forcing their way into Case Photography, LLC.

Sivani Arora, of Miami, posted a warning on social media for those that choose Anthony as their photography, with a dire warning that Casey’s life may be in danger.

“Don’t leave her alone with your children on a photography shoot she might make them disappear too, but I have a feeling she won’t be alive for long…”

Howard Krieger also hopes Case Photography, LLC, is not successful, and that Casey’s accused misdeeds be dealt with.

“Maybe someone will walk in the business and off the evil scum that she is”

Katja Wright warns that there are other photography businesses with a similar name, and to research prior to booking in order to ensure Casey Anthony does not show up.


“BE AWARE and warn your friends of ‘Case Photography LLC’ in FL. There are a bunch of other photographers with this name too, so if anyone goes to look for a photographer, just make sure they keep an eye out. Im not sure where she is at compared to you, but this gives me the creeps.”

Desiree Chamberlin has also held fast to the belief that Casey Anthony is guilty and should not be allowed to open her photography business.

“Hope you rot in hell POS! We still smell the essence of what you did to precious ‪#‎cayleeanthony‬ ‪#‎justiceforcaylee‬”

Although there are many individuals with a bad taste in their mouth regarding Casey Anthony, it should be remembered that she was not found guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. As a result, she is now free from prison and the court systems, yet she is still persecuted by the public. What are your thoughts of her new business venture? Is it time to move onward from the accusations and rely on the court’s decision?

[Photo by Pool/Getty Images News]