Yet another company shows how ads can work

Yesterday I wrote both here and on my home blog about two different types of advertising campaigns that both use video to engage us as a way to promote their products. With both posts I was trying to show that as much as we might rail against advertising there are companies that get the fact that they need to change how they approach the consumer.

While both those examples were centered around video there are some companies in other advertising mediums who are getting this change in attitudes as well. If this latest campaign from Levis Jeans is any indication they are one of those companies. Along with their ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy, and photographer Ryan McGinley Levis wants us to remember that the US was built by people with a pioneering spirit.


Along with their print campaign they have also created a commercial to go along with it that uses the poem “America” by Walt Whitman.

hat tip to My Modern Metropolis