Unicorn Hair And Mermaid Hair: Colorful Trends

So many hair trends pop up each month, and with social media offering an easy way to view photos of the hair trends, it makes it easy to visually display those styles. As reported by the Inquisitr, underlights are a style of coloring the hair that offers a partial way to enjoy the rainbow hair trend. Among the latest hair trends, such as “oil slick” or “duck feather” dyed hair and glow-in-the-dark hair, fashion folks can now add unicorn hair and mermaid hair to that list.

As reported by Today, unicorn hair is a style of hair that looks just like it sounds: hair that is twisted and styled to stick up on the top like a unicorn’s horn. Photos of men and women adopting the unicorn hairstyle can be seen on social media.

On Instagram, the hashtag #unicornhair has a whopping 82,160 posts, showing colorful photos and varying ways that unicorn hair can be created. Mermaid hair tops that by far, with the #mermaidhair hashtag containing 618,851 posts as of this writing.

Plenty of the photos of mermaid hairstyles feature bold colors in hues that range from purple to pink to blue and beyond. The descriptions that accompany some of the mermaid hair photos prove that it took hours upon hours to lighten the hair to a point where the colorful hue could be deposited onto the hair.

There are even accounts on Instagram that focus on the specific style of creating the mermaid hairstyles. One account, called Mermaid Hairs, enjoys plenty of followers, and detailed instructions on how to recreate the styles appear on the social media account. The following pastel color of mermaid hair, called “lavender dreams,” was created using Paul Mitchell’s XG UTV color with violet intensifier.

As for the unicorn hair trend, the styles don’t always feature hair that’s pointed upward in a single braid or twist sticking straight up in the air. Some create their unicorn hairstyles with a single braid traveling down their neck, but still replete with colorful styles.

The real question that the unicorn styles beg to answer is how those people who sport the unicorn hairstyles get their hair to stick straight up without falling. Whether it’s a matter of using products like hair gel or some type of physical apparatus to get the unicorn hairstyle to remain stiff, the answer can be found in DIY unicorn hair videos.

While the unicorn hairstyles can be created in a variety of ways, their stiffness reminds one of the hairstyles that Madonna said she once recreated, growing up in Michigan with a diverse set of girls who taught her how to jump double dutch and braid her hair like how their hair looked. Madonna said she had to put pipe cleaners in her hair in order to make it stiff enough to remain in braids.

Others feature the mermaid hair that’s a combination of the unicorn hairstyle, or are simply tagged with a bunch of the popular hairstyle hashtags.


Although plenty of the photos on social media that are tagged with the mermaid hair and unicorn hair hashtags don’t actually reflect those styles, they do generally display a wild variety of hairstyles with amazing colors.

The ones that feature true unicorn styles are pretty creative and adorable.

Some of the photos that display unicorn hair also feature hair accouterments like hair bands that hold the braid together and likely help with the stiffness that the unicorn hairstyle seemingly requires.

The intricate designs of the hairstyles featured within the social media posts show that folks are truly using their manes to express their creativity.

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