‘Oil Slick’ Or ‘Duck Feather’ Dyeing Is The New Trend For Pretty Hair Colors [Video]

Oil slick dyeing is the latest bleach-free technique specifically oriented towards the dark haired beauties. Oil slick, also referred to as duck feather, gives an amazing effect to the brunette-heads without causing much damage to their hair. A search for #OilSlickHair on Instagram shows the visual effects of the trend. The label #OilSlick shows 71,000-plus posts, but not all about hair.

The oil slick trend allows the brunettes to indulge in the highly admired rainbow effect, as reported by Health Beauty Life, which thus far had been reserved for the blondes. The results of the oil slick technique are jaw-dropping, bold and amazing. This technique can totally transform your whole personality, thus adding a rich and vibrant color to hair that gives you an aura of intrigue and fun.

For the past couple of years, streaking and hair dyeing in unnatural colors have been the hottest hair fashion trend. These hair trends were thought limited to the light-haired girls only and it was nearly impossible for brunettes to achieve the same results without bleaching their hair. Oil slick is an innovative solution for those dark hair girlies. Oil slick is a very simple technique, which produces noticeable results. The oil slick process is a brunette friendly method of playing with fun colors for a dimensional hair makeover, as reported by Cosmospolitan.

The best thing about the new oil slick, reports Mimi Chatter, or duck feather hair is that it does not involve heavy use of chemicals, which ensures that the hair does not undergo a significant damage. Oil slick has been welcomed and embraced by fashionistas from around the world who had considered their natural dark hair as a barrier to following the rainbow trend.

Aura Friedman is the genius behind the oil slick hair makeover. She is a hair color perfectionist and is adored by models, celebrities and commoners alike. Oil slick coloring is fast gaining popularity and is been looked upon as the next big thing in the glamour world.

Aura, in an interview with Popsugar, explained oil slick processing as the best method for folks who don’t want to fry their hair.

“It will be great for people who naturally have dark hair and don’t want to go through a major bleaching process.”

Oil slick is more than just hitting hair with colors, instead oil slick is a complete process that begins with a black base and then adding darker colors on the top so that the colors pop out and shine through. Oil slick is the same as the Opal trend, which is another magnificent technique by Friedman, except it is constrained to darker shades of hair only.

“You don’t have to lighten it so much to get it there, so your hair will be in better condition. I’ve been trying to recreate gasoline or oil when it’s on the ground and it rains. I find that when you take a dark purple and a dark green and layer them on top of the other, you end up with this iridescent feeling.”

Oil slick, unlike its name, does not involve any oil in the process; instead oil slick gives a fancy, gasoline-y, inky effect with the layering of purple and green tones. Oil slick is specially recommended for summer, as the deep and rich colors enhance vibrancy. The best advantage of oil slick coloring, as compared to pastels, is that it lasts longer. Oil slick dyeing is fun and a modern way to give brunettes an all-new look. All the brunettes now need to do is to jump the wagon and ride it through with oil slick.

[Image via Instagram]