Will Donald Trump’s Latest Feud With The RNC Lead To An Independent Run?

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has pledged his allegiance to the Republican Party, the billionaire candidate continues to provide that organization’s leaders with copious quantities of Excedrin headaches with each passing week of the present election cycle. On Saturday, the GOP frontrunner vented via Twitter over an unauthorized fundraising email that included Trump’s name. The circular was allegedly created and distributed by the Republican National Committee, which effectively serves as the leadership cadre of the Republican Party. In his Twitter post, Donald Trump accused the RNC of illegal conduct and said that they were “probably against” him.

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In a subsequent email, Donald Trump explicitly told his supporters that they should not contribute financial donations to the RNC as his campaign is self-funded.

According to CNN, a representative from the RNC explained that the email was the result of a straw poll conducted by the organization as part of an effort to bolster the organization’s coffers for the eventual showdown with the Democratic nominee.

“Once you vote, it asks you to donate … The straw poll allows supporters of all the candidates to help contribute to the presidential trust that ensures our nominee has the $23 million of RNC funds to take on Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders,” explained RNC communications director Sean Spicer.

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A report by CBS News indicates Donald Trump later claimed that at his request, the RNC has removed the above-noted request to donate.

The very public dust-up is just the latest of cringe-worthy scraps involving the outspoken real estate mogul and influential echelons of the Republican Party. On Friday, Trump again cast aspersions on Ted Cruz’s eligibility for high office, suggesting he might haul the Texas senator into court to resolve the issue before the Republican National Convention this summer.

“If [Ted Cruz] doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, [and] doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural-born citizen,” Trump tweeted. Last month, he told supporters that he might go ahead and sue Cruz over the controversy “just for fun.”

The embarrassment caused by the above-noted antics aside, the discord between Donald Trump and Republican Party leadership could eventually present a serious blow to the GOP effort to recapture office of Chief Executive come November. Although Trump has signed a “loyalty oath” to the Party, he has repeatedly said he would consider mounting an independent campaign if Republican leadership does not treat him “fairly.”

Nevertheless, a continued alliance between Trump and Republicans could prove formidable provided any mutual animus subsides. Donald Trump is a sure bet to win the impending South Carolina as well as those on the horizon. As noted by CBS News, Republican chairman Reince Priebus guaranteed that the party will “unite behind whoever the delegates on the floor in Cleveland unite behind.” That pledge ostensibly includes the likes of Donald Trump.

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