NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Likely To Remain With The New York Knicks

With only five days to go until the 2016 NBA trade deadline, rumors are swirling regarding some of the best players in the league. While some of the rumors have merit, many of them have proven to be totally false. Yesterday, several NBA analysts and experts reported that talks were taking place regarding a deal that would feature New York Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony and Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love. While some analysts are still insisting that the deal could take place, representatives from the Knicks and Cavaliers have denied the reports.

As reported by Sports Illustrated yesterday, the talks were said to be in their early stages and included the Knicks, Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics. In addition to Anthony heading to Cleveland and Kevin Love to Boston, other players such as Timofey Mozgov and draft picks would be included in the deal. As noted yesterday, one of the big issues around the deal was the fact that Carmelo Anthony would have to waive his no-trade clause.

While the New York Knicks have not been a competitive team throughout Anthony’s tenure, he has stated in the past that he is committed to remaining with the team and eventually winning a championship. Regardless, it was thought that Anthony would accept the deal in order to attempt to form a dynasty with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland. As enticing as it sounds, Anthony stated today that he has no interest in being traded, as reported by ESPN.

“There’s always some trade s— going [on]. I’m not going anywhere. When you’re in New York, you’re always up for grabs, I’ll tell you that. Trades are always up for grabs. It’s always, ‘Who’s next?’ There’s nothing guaranteed when you’re in New York. But I don’t pay attention to those rumors. I want to win a championship. At this point in my career, that’s the only thing that I really care about. But I’m not, I mean, there’s nothing out there for me right now…. I’m not even entertaining no trade talk right now.”

With a record of 23-32, the New York Knicks are not a good basketball team. The Eastern Conference is far inferior to the Western Conference, and it is a concern for Anthony and his championship hopes if the team cannot even compete in such a poor conference. Anthony will turn 32-years-old in May, and he really does not have a ton of time left as an elite player. His particular offensive skill set will allow him to age more gracefully than other players of his age, but he is not going to be the same star forever.

While Anthony and the Knicks should be excited about 20-year-old Latvian phenom Kristaps Porzingis, the team is still a few years away at the earliest from competing for an NBA championship against the likes of the young Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to the New York Daily News, a trade is still possible despite Anthony’s denials. Being drafted in the same class, Anthony and LeBron James are apparently good friends. Losing is also taking its toll on Anthony, and he did state his desire to play with another player of his caliber.

“I think everybody kind of dreams and hopes that they can play with another great player, another star player. It’s a star player’s league. I think that’s what we talk about when we all get together — I want to play with you, I want to play with you.”

While Anthony denies his desire to be traded, he clearly wants to win a championship. Whether or not it’s a pride factor because he does not want to be known as a “championship chaser” is anyone’s guess, but Anthony would instantly make the Cleveland Cavaliers a championship contender this season.

NBA trade rumors will continue to heat up as Thursday’s deadline approaches, but we may have not seen the last of the Carmelo Anthony Rumors despite his insistence on wanting to remain with the New York Knicks.

[Photo by Elsa/Getty Images]