The Pope Is Adored In Mexico During His First Full Day Visit — Will Deliver Messages To Country

The LA Times has documented Pope Francis’ first full round today in Mexico city. The Pope will meet and greet citizens and government officials who lined the streets of Mexico City for the opportunity of seeing him.


The Pope will also spend the day preaching to Mexican citizens as he tours the entire country.


Some other objectives on The Pope’s list for Mexico are the following.

  • Deliver messages to Mexico’s political leadership.
  • Deliver messages and criticism to religious leaders also.
  • Lead a huge Mass tomorrow.

The Pope also found time to bless any child in wheel chair that he saw during his journey through Mexico.


Mexico has been highly anticipating the Pope’s visit to their country since last year. In preparation to cleanse the country before the Pope’s vist, The Inquisitr reports that Mexico’s religious leadership coordinated a mass exorcism of the country.

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez and Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara aided in the mass Mexican exorcism, while Spanish Priest, Father José Antonio conducted the ritual.

The phenomena is being called the “Pope Francis effect.” Nations around the world — that are expecting visits from the Pope — have been increasing the number exorcisms.

Pope Francis is a firm believer of demonic possessions and as such, he has trained more priests how to exorcise a demon than recent any Pope in recent history.

No reports of any exorcisms in Mexico have broken so far as the Pope headed towards Mexico city central square, an area commonly called the Zocalo.

The next check point on his tour was a visit to Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, two highly symbolic stops on the pope’s agenda.


Many people slept outdoors overnight in Mexico to increase their chances of getting close to the Pope. Others camped out along the Popemobile’s projected routes throughout Mexico city.

Church bells throughout the Mexican city began to ring for the Pope as he trekked closer to the Zocalo.

City officials handed out free breakfasts, and about 65,000 tickets had been distributed to churches and other organizations for grandstand seats.

However, some people still were able to enter some venues for free as police were letting many people without tickets pass through to the Zocalo anyway.

Some lucky passer-by’s had the opportunity to get their hands on other free Pope merchandise. Pope merchandise such as free blankets were given out.


Catholics from Poland even joined the festive day in Mexico as they handed prayer cards and medallions of the Virgin Mary.

The Polish Catholics then hoisted a huge wooden cross towards the central square.

The Mexican Police may have been lenient about non-ticket holders entering some exclusive venues; however, they were cracking down on illegal street vendors trying to capitalize a profit from Pope Francis’ visit in Mexico.

One incriminating item kept the the police in Mexico on their toes all day — a flag that featuring an image of the Pope and the Virgin of Guadalupe, flanking a Mexican flag.

“A friend brought down 13,000 of these flags from the United States to sell,” said one vendor, Dwey Davila, 24,a main seller of the tiny Vatican flags. The USD equivalent for the flag was about 75 cents apiece.

 [AP Photo/Christian Palma] The flag in question. [AP Photo/Christian Palma]“Everyone in Mexico likes this pope. He’s very popular,” the vendor added.

As the holy day continues in Mexico City, citizens of Mexico continue to express their admiration for the Pope. The hashtag #PapaEnMex is filled with people showing their love and gratitude for the Pope in mexico.

“This is a pope who is very humble, who cares for the poor and working people,” said Jorge Martinez, a 28-year-old, a high school teacher.

And the pope returns his sentiments which matches the Mexican populous via a tweet where he claims that his “Mexican friends are in his heart.”

[Photo via AP images/Christian Palma]