Marijuana Legalization: Bill Maher Smoked A Joint On TV Last Night To Strengthen His Argument

Marijuana legalization is a huge and hot topic right now, and yes, the United States is making progress in it all, but some think it is moving too slow. Bill Maher is one of those people and he knows there is still a long way to go before it is legal everywhere, and it is no secret that he loves to smoke a bit of weed now and again. Well, smoking it legally indoors and on the set of Real Time with Bill Maher is something up for question, but that’s exactly what he did last night.

During a segment on Real Time on Friday night, Maher totally blasted the hypocrisy of the marijuana laws in the United States. In order to push his point and make an entirely huge statement, he lit up a joint and smoked weed on television.

bill maher smoking weed marijuana legalization
As reported by Complex, Maher argued that the marijuana legalization argument in the United States is extremely hypocritical. He said that with alcohol and tobacco being legal, given that they are significantly more addictive and dangerous than cannabis, and regulated by the federal government, it makes no sense.

Marijuana legalization has taken place by the District of Columbia and 23 states for medical reasons and recreational purposes. Even with that being said, it is still illegal under federal law, and that’s beyond the scope of belief for Bill Maher.

“It’s not a bad habit. It’s a fantastic habit. Unless, like anything else, you over do it. It’s way different than cigarettes — mainly not linked to lung cancer. And no more dangerous than alcohol? Try way way way less dangerous.”

The entire seven-minute rant by Bill Maher can be seen by clicking this link, and he makes some extremely valid points. It’s hard to argue with what he’s saying when all of the facts are presented right before everyone’s eyes.

Everything was, of course, punctuated with him pulling out a joint, lighting it up, and smoking weed right there on the set.

While the laws of the United States are quite hypocritical when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, it’s also regressing in some forms as Maher pointed out.

“…progress doesn’t automatically snowball. In 2013, LA had nearly 700 dispensaries, but since then over 500 have been shut down. Somehow this is the year when everything from socialism to mass deportation is on the table, but when it comes time for Congress to consider common-sense pot legislation, it’s like smoking a joint with Woody Harrelson—they just won’t pass it.”

As Mediate states, Maher speaks out against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), prisons, the police, and more in the whole marijuana legalization argument. He says that all of the money that is being produced in those departments due to illegal weed and their arrests are filling the pockets of the lawmakers.

In that case, why would they want to make marijuana legal when they make so much off of it being illegal?

marijuana legalization bill maher smokes weed on tv
Bill Maher feels as if the legalization of marijuana should be in place in all 50 states and he wants a federal law to protect the rights of marijuana users. This is especially true, Maher says, when it comes to those using weed for health reasons and medical purposes.

One example that Maher used was a father of five who had his children taken from him due to smoking weed. The man was using marijuana to treat his PTSD and he was planning to move to Colorado from Kansas so he could do it legally. Still, Kansas Child Protective Services took his children before the move took place.

Bill Maher smoking weed on the set Real Time with Bill Maher is something that was used as an exclamation point on his argument for the legalization of marijuana. It’s causing a huge stir this morning, but it still may not advance his purposes and message and make things speed up, but it’s an effort.

[Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]