Banderas Griffith Rumors Point To Another Celebrity Divorce

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith have been married for 15 years. But according to various rumors, the celebrity couple could soon find themselves in divorce court.

According to Radar Online, Banderas may have cheated on Griffin during a trip to Cancun in April. Ninesm reports that Banderas left a club at about 2 a.m. with a young blonde. A source said:

“There was so much chemistry that I wouldn’t like to say what might’ve happened next. He was acting like a single man. His wife would be heartbroken if she had seen him that night.”

The cheating rumor was seemingly confirmed earlier this week when Griffith was spotted without her wedding ring. Some are also speculating that Griffith’s recent stint in rehab may have been related to Banderas’ extra-marital affair.

On the bright side, the Spanish actor is reportedly “desperate” to fix things with his wife.

A source told Radar Online:

“Antonio has been desperately trying to win Melanie’s trust back… He has been doing everything in his power to revive the romance — flowers, sweet-talking on the phone, and extravagant gifts — because he realizes that she is close to her breaking point.”

Griffith is worried about her love life, but also about her career. The actress was a major player in the 80s and 90s but her star has diminished recently.

A friend of the actress said:

“Not only is she in jeopardy of losing the love of her life, but her career is in the toilet while Antonio’s star is continuing to rise. I think Melanie’s self esteem hit an all time low and she believed Antonio was torturing her. For years, it’s as if she’s been consumed with jealousy over his flirting and outspoken love for beautiful women. I don’t think Melanie can live with the constant fear that he might cheat.”

Do you think Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are heading for a divorce?