World War Will Start If Syrian Peace Talks Fail, Says Russian PM

Due to the failed peace talks concerning the ceasefire in Syria, the Russian government warned of a possible "new world war" that would start in the embattled nation.

As a result, foreign and defense ministers of states have set up further meetings in Munich and Brussels.

Both the United States and Russian representatives pushed for the international states to demand ceasefire in Syria, which has been in a civil war between the government and the rebel groups.

Instead of fighting each other, Syria and other neighboring states should focus the attacks on the Islamic State, which controls portions of Iraq and Syria.

However, the Gulf States, led by Saudi Arabia, said that it would launch ground troops in the region to secure victory.

As far as Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is concerned, this move will most likely result in a new world war.

"The Americans and our Arab partners must think well: Do they want a permanent war?" said Medvedev in an interview with Handelsblatt newspaper in Germany.

Because the Gulf states fund the Syrian rebels, the current administration of Assad would consider this as an act of war. This will result in a never-ending world war that may span years, if not decades.

"It would be impossible to win such a war quickly, especially in the Arab world, where everybody is fighting against everybody," the prime minister added.

So instead of pushing for war with the release of ground troops, Russia encourages everyone to "sit at the negotiating table" and talk things out.

On Thursday, Russia once again set another meeting for negotiations to take place. It is scheduled to take place on March 1, although the location has yet to be announced. The United States responded that the scheduled date gives them two more weeks to defeat the minor rebel groups in the Syria's northern region of Aleppo.

Unfortunately, the rebel group leaders, who have been touring Europe in order to negotiate, emphasized that they will only agree to a ceasefire if there will be a transition in the government.

According to reports, the United Nations Security Council resolution that was passed in December excludes ISIL and other terrorist groups from peace talks.

In an attempt to permanently destroy the group, the United States, Russia, and even Syria are joining forces to decimate the group, whose headquarters is believed to be in located in Raqqa. Because the "moderate rebel groups" in Syria are attacking the regime and not ISIL, they are being asked for a ceasefire.

Unfortunately, air strikes have not been successful, and are believed to have little to no effect on the terrorist group. That is why the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be lending a hand to the U.S. in destroying the group.

While PM Medvedev has already given the warning regarding the Gulf States' decision to send ground troops, it seems like the Arab nations are sticking to their plan.

KSA's Brig. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri also said during the meeting that their decision is "irreversible." Saudi Arabia will be joined by Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in sending ground troops to Syria.

Michael Fallon, who led the peace talks in Brussels, said that he welcomed the offer, citing that for the longest time, people believed that it would take more than the western powers to fight terrorism in the Middle East.

"It can only be won in the end by local forces that have the support of the local population," he said.

Meanwhile, while the nations are deciding on the fate of Syria and trying to avoid another world war, it is the Syrian people who are suffering the most from the continued instability in their country.

[Image by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images]