Did Harry Styles Just Comment On Louis Tomlinson ‘Larry’ Conspiracy Theory?

For a long time, the One Direction “Larry” conspiracy theory (the theory that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are in a secret gay relationship covered up by their bosses at Syco and Modest Management for PR purposes) has rested on a few pieces of “evidence.” One is the obvious affection that Styles and Tomlinson showed to each other in the early days of One Direction, stealing fond glances, squeezing each other’s biceps, placing hands on each others’ thighs and so forth. Another is a link between the PR arm of Simon Cowell’s company and The Sun newspaper (a Sun employee is married to one of Cowell’s subordinates). A third is the existence of “rainbow bondage bear,” a brightly colored plush toy that sometimes appeared by the stage and with the crew when the One Direction guys were on tour.

Harry and Louis claimed in an interview last year that the bear was thrown on stage at one of their concerts and they had nothing to do with it becoming a mascot, as reported by Sugarscape. This did not stop “Larry” shippers from believing that the bear was a brightly-colored piece of gay-cover up evidence. The bear tied to the tour stage scaffolding was thought to be a desperate cry for help, sent by Louis and Harry from behind the Syco PR barricade. RBB was believed to be a secret message sent by Harry and Louis to fans smart enough to understand its significance.

Just yesterday, Twitter went wild after three “Larry”-related events occurred in quick succession. First, the semi-official Twitter account for Rainbow Bondage Bear was deactivated. Second, the Modest! Management website went down, with a message saying they were out of action and would be back soon.

Thirdly, and most intriguingly, a new playlist called “Deleted” was created on a Spotify account believed to be owned by Harry Styles. The playlist included a bunch of songs around the theme of endings and bears, and even (according to some) a song called “Coming Out.”

The “Deleted” playlist was quickly deleted soon after the user created it.

Twitter went into meltdown mode and #Larriesdeserverespect started trending.

Some people took it as the final, conclusive piece of evidence that, in the words of Louis Tomlinson, “Larry is “bulls***.” The long-awaited denial of “Larry” by Harry Styles, who has been less vocal about the issue and seemingly less bothered by it, was thought to have arrived.

Others interpreted it as proof that “Larry is real.”

Another cohort insisted that the Spotify account was not owned by Harry Styles at all. These fans urged all the others to calm down.

In other Harry Styles news, the heartthrob continued to show his love of art and visual culture this week, going antiquing in L.A. and liking an arty butterfly image on Instagram.

The image Harry liked echoes the butterfly design he has inked on his abs. The Instagram image shows a butterfly-and-vines motif sketched on the back of a shirt.

A photo also emerged of the hunk in an antiques store with a fan, surrounded by rustic statement pieces. Perhaps Harry is looking for a beautiful, old piece of furniture to add character to his L.A. mansion.

Harry’s love of bold, eye-catching art was previously reported by E! Online. Harry reportedly dropped $33,000 on provocative works by artist Hayden Kays.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]