‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Unravels As She Tries to Deal With Brooke’s Betrayal–Resorts To Drinking and An Affair?

Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers promise a major showdown is in the works for Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and Katie Logan (Heather Tom). Katie feels utterly betrayed by her sister’s unresolved feelings for her husband and decides to self-medicate with booze and a possible affair?

CBS released the weekly promo, and it shows Katie unraveling as she tells Brooke that she will never forgive her. Brooke tells Katie that she needs to be in contact with her, and she is worried about her. Bill chimes in and tell Katie that things aren’t right, and it isn’t good for her health to turn to the bottle so often. Kate comes unhinged and lashes out–stating that Brooke is the problem, not her recent drinking problem.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke will tell Katie that she needs to be in her life–after all, they are sisters. Soap Central reported Katie replies harshly that is too bad because she is lusting after her husband. Brooke promises Katie she’d never act on her feelings, and that Bill loves her very much. The revelation just enraged Katie, and she told them both she is fine and doesn’t need Brooke in her life.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Bill becomes worries about his wife’s drinking habit after he sees her drinking alone. He worries that she may become dependent on it, especially after her falling out with Brooke. Bill confront’s Katie, and it doesn’t end well. Katie becomes infuriated at Bill for implying she may have a drinking problem.

“Me having a few drinks is not a problem. Brooke is the problem.”

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Katie will confront Brooke (again) and tell her to stay away from her husband. Katie will warn her if she looks at her husband she will come after her, and hard. Her threats fall on deaf ears because typical Brooke will spin it as Katie is out of control, and she did nothing to provoke the verbal attack.

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Katie may overhear Brooke talking to someone about Bill. The conversation opens old wounds as she remembers seeing her sister in bed with her husband. Katie is determined not to allow Brooke access to Bill, and feels it will protect her marriage. Katie claims she trust Bill; however, he doubts that is a complete truth.


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that instead of running from her fears of Bill and Brooke acting on their feelings, she decides to confront her irrational feelings head on. Katie will open up to Bill and work to repair their marriage, so Katie won’t be so scared that Brooke can swoop Bills away from her. The truth of the matter is Katie is completely in the right to be scared of Bill’s feelings for Brooke. As it is, Bill thinks about her almost 24 hours a day–daydreaming about her while working.

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Chris McKenna’s new character will come in and give Katie the attention she is craving right now. Apparently, she has an affair with him and worries that Bill may find out. No word on when his first airdate will be; however, it should be coming up in the next few weeks.


The real question is, how angry is Katie with Bill and Brooke? Is she mad enough to drown her betrayal in booze? Is she capable of cheating on Bill out of spite for Brooke’s feelings for him?

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