February 12, 2016
'The Bachelor' 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins' Hometown Sets The Stage For Episode 7 As The Family Date Recipients Are Set

This winter, ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season with Ben Higgins has certainly had fans talking. Just six women remain and Episode 7 is set to air on Monday, February 15. What Bachelor spoilers are available for this next episode?

As ABC notes, Ben Higgins and his remaining six ladies will head to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, for the next round of dates. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Ben will have four separate outings in this next show. By the end of the episode, two more ladies will be eliminated and the hometown date recipients will be set.

Lauren Bushnell is confirmed to get a key one-on-one date with Ben, as she gets a tour of the city and spends time with Higgins at a place close to his heart. Reality Steve's spoilers share that Ben and Lauren will visit the Baker's Youth Center, a place where he used to spend a lot of time, and she will also get a chance to meet some of Higgins' close friends. George Paul of the Indiana Pacers, along with some of his teammates, will join the group to make it a big day of fun.

The date is said to go well for Ben and Lauren, though Bachelor spoilers indicate that Higgins will have some tough questions to ask. Leah threw everybody off in Episode 6 when she made some allegations about her fellow bachelorette, and Ben will need to discuss what was said. There are no roses on these individual dates this week, but fans shouldn't worry about Lauren heading home at this point.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that JoJo Fletcher gets a one-and-one date in Episode 7 as well, and she will head to Chicago with Ben. The two will get to play around at Wrigley Stadium and since Higgins is a huge Chicago Cubs fan, this should be a fun date. Ben and JoJo also share a romantic dinner together where she is said to open up about her past relationships.

The group date in Episode 7 involves Becca Tilley, Amanda Stanton and Caila Quinn, and Bachelor spoilers tease that there is a group date rose available on this date. The three bachelorettes and Ben head to a farm. The lady who scores the rose gets to go to a special dinner and carnival with Higgins. According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Amanda wins this honor.

The final individual outing goes to Emily Ferguson, and this one will surely generate some nerves. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Emily and Ben will spend some time with his parents, an excursion that could make or break this relationship. According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Emily will be eliminated after spending time with the Higgins family.

The network teases that this Episode 7 rose ceremony will be "one of the most emotionally charged" of Season 20 as Higgins has a really tough decision to make. It seems that the ladies may end up being a bit shocked by this next elimination, and chances are that some viewers will be as well. Reality Steve's spoilers detail that Becca will be headed home, meaning that Lauren, Amanda, JoJo and Caila get the hometown dates.

The finale is right around the corner and Bachelor spoilers teasing that Ben expresses his love for two women has fans buzzing. Will Reality Steve's spoilers about Ben Higgins' final rose be right, or is a blindside on the way? Fans cannot wait to see how the rest of this journey plays out and Episode 7 of ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season airs on Monday, February 15.

[Image via ABC The Bachelor/Instagram]