Jordan Shaver, Brian Geddes: ‘Stranger In My Home’ Reviews Case Of Man Found Dead After Being Buried Under Trailer Home By Houseguest

Jordan Shaver, the 21-year old killer of Brian Geddes, will be the feature case for Stranger In My Home on Investigation Discovery. In its third season, tonight’s show entitled, “Death Of Youth,” will premiere with the case of a woman who wanted to live the good life so much that she killed an innocent 50-year old man in order to steal his identity and take over his life. Stranger In My Home premiered for the first time on ID in 2013 and focused on cases of deadly housemates and houseguests who’ve murdered their landlords for profit.

Jordan Marie Shaver, of Nampa, was convicted and sentenced to life in an Idaho prison for the murder of Brian Barton Geddes. Expect to hear gripping commentary from Geddes’ family members, police officials, and perhaps, a few people who knew the real Jordan Shaver.

Investigation Discovery’s Stranger In My Home will reenact the missing persons case that baffled Brian Geddes’ family. In a prior interview for Oxygen’s Snapped, Brian Geddes’ daughter, Meghan Go, stated that she knew something was wrong when her father lost contact with her in 2012. Feeling guilty about hanging up on her father abruptly because she was in a hurry, Meghan Go was desperate to find out why her father had avoided speaking to her by phone on his birthday—something that was totally out of character for the 50-year old self-made man who enjoyed his money but loved his family.

For days, his daughter’s calls went unanswered, until several days later when she received a text from his phone, which indicated that he was enjoying a visit to a casino in Jackpot. Immediately, Meghan knew that it couldn’t possibly be her father. From there, the texts stopped completely, prompting his daughter to make a visit to his trailer home to find out what was going on. When she arrived, she found the entire area around the trailer in disarray. Even stranger, a young, attractive woman answered the door and claimed that Brian Geddes had told her she could stay at the home, according to KBO-12.

Detectives took Jordan Shaver into custody and booked her into the Ada County Jail. KTVB-7 describes how police finally nabbed the suspect.

“On Friday, Garden City Police began investigating a missing person report near Elaynea Lane and 51st Street in Garden City. Investigators went to the home Saturday and say they found suspicious circumstances. Shaver had left there just minutes before officers arrived.() Shaver was arrested about an hour later at a business complex near Glenwood and State streets on an unrelated felony warrant for failure to appear on grand theft and burglary charges. Police were able to track her down because she had the victim’s cell phone.”

When a search of Brian Geddes’ property was conducted. His dead body was eventually found under the Garden City trailer home in the 1500 block of Elaynea Lane. An autopsy report concluded that the victim was shot in the head, and then stuffed in a comforter before the killer discarded it in a crawl space under the trailer. Jordan Shaver was first booked for first-degree murder, but she later pleaded guilty to killing Brian Geddes. For her plea, she received a conviction for second-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. According to the Idaho Department of Corrections records, she will be eligible for parole in 2032.

By all accounts, Brian Geddes was a good man who loved cars. Sadly, he was taken in by a greedy, beautiful woman who didn’t care a thing about him. A brief description of him was entered at the FindAGrave website. Here’s how it reads.

“Brian was a very successful man in anything in did! He started a car dealership on a $600 unemployment check in the 80’s and loved it so much he continued to do it until the day he died. He loved anything that had to do with cars and he loved to fish and spend quality time with his grandchildren any chance he got.”

Please make time to tune in for Investigation Discovery tonight for Stranger In My Home season 3 at 10 p.m. Stranger In My Home is produced by CMJ Entertainment Productions II.

[Image via Snapped/Facebook]