Donald Trump Flip-Flops On Common Core, Bashes Jeb Bush For Supporting It, Then Says ‘We’re Going To Keep It’

Nobody cannot deny that within a span of months, Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party by storm. Trump’s aggressiveness mixed in with his disregard of political correctness has made him into one of the most-admired candidates for the 2016 presidential run. As a matter of fact, Trump is so popular among Republicans that he had almost double the points compared to the runner-up in the poll averages.

However, Donald Trump may have done something recently that might have hurt him. During one of his rallies in Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina, it seems he flip-flopped on Common Core. First, Trump bashes Jeb Bush for supporting Common Core then, minutes later, says we are going to keep it. So which side is he on?

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Republicans and conservatives’ heads are spinning after Donald Trump flip-flopped on Common Core, reported Red State. As mentioned earlier, Trump bashes Jeb Bush for supporting Common Core, going as far as to say the brother of the former President of the United States has no chance simply because of that. Minutes later, Trump flip-flops, saying we should keep Common Core. Most people, however, are concentrating on the latter part of the Donald Trump’s flip-flop in which the following video is making its rounds on the internet.

It seems, in a calm voice, Donald Trump supports Common Core, right? However, Trump is a victim of the people taking what he says out of context. If one were to see the entire speech or, at least, four minutes before he flip-flops on Common Core, things seem to become clear.

Donald Trump is going in so many different directions, a gaffe here or a blunder there is expected to happen. Red Scoop reports that such mistakes do happen but in the case of Trump, it might be an underlying issue pointing to the possibility he doesn’t even know what Common Core is in the first place.

In light of everyone criticizing Donald Trump on Common Core, Trump himself quickly took to his official Twitter account to address the situation. Apparently, Donald Trump is trying to play it off, once again placing the blame on Jeb Bush.

Sadly for Donald Trump and his supporters, the flip-flop may have done a massive amount of damage, as he dropped almost seven points in the poll averages in a matter of days, as shown in Real Clear Politics. And if this drop is because of Trump’s Common Core gaffe, it would make sense given the criticism the educational standard program receives among conservatives every single day. Although liberals claim Common Core is a set standard that needs to be taught to children today for a richer experience in education, conservatives, on the other hand, believe it’s an agenda to indoctrinate liberal ideals into children through the education system.

Donald Trump’s flip-flop on Common Core does not mean he is out of the race yet. Trump still has primaries to follow-up on until June, and he still has a dominating lead over other Republican candidates.

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