Shocking Footage Proves K. Michelle Lied About Memphitz Beating Her And Stealing Her Money

K. Michelle has been talking about her relationship with Memphitz on an array of reality TV shows including Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop: New York, and her spinoff show K. Michelle: My Life. Now there is reason to believe that K. may have been lying or, at least, greatly exaggerating many of the negative stories she told about her ex-boyfriend and music producer Memphitz on TV in order to create a storyline for herself.

Straight From The A spilled the beans on K. Michelle with a user submitted video that contains footage of a deposition where K. Michelle, whose real name is Kimberly Michelle Pate, said under oath during a deposition that Memphitz did not ever punch her as well as a few other shocking admissions that seem to clear up accusations against her former boyfriend.

The video is 20-minutes long but is worth a watch, especially for those who have followed K. Michelle’s endless claims that Memphitz abused her and stole funds from her that were meant to go toward making her album. Straight From The A claims the video was sent anonymously because someone out there in the music industry is obviously still upset by K Michelle’s claims that Memphitz beat her and spent her money, delaying her music career.

K Michelle Exposed! Admits MeMPHiTz Never Physically Abused Or Stole From Her!: via @YouTube

— SipTheMartini (@SipTheMartini) February 11, 2016

During multiple confessionals on her various reality TV projects, K. Michelle has talked in detail about how Memphitz spent her record deal money on chains and jewelry but that she had no music to speak of from working with him. Then during the deposition, K. Michelle is forced to admit that several singles were produced and paid for by Jive Records and Hitz Committee, including paying artists like Missy Elliott and Rick Ross for being featured on her songs as well.

Last weekend, K. Michelle announced the end of her feud with Memphitz after she claimed to face her fears and finally confront her ex after five years apart. This came just days after a very public feud with his current wife, Toya Wright. According to Starcasm, Memphitz admitted to assaulting K. Michelle in a Memphis hotel room in 2009. So did Memphitz assault K. Michelle or not? Or was it just a really nasty fight that gets exaggerated greatly each time the story is retold?

Now, there is footage that seems to contradict K.’s claims as well, as Memphitz’ admission to the possible physical abuse because when the K. Michelle: My Life star was asked specifics about what happened during her relationship with Memphitz, whose real name is Mickey Wright, K. Michelle admitted that she was never punched during the 2009 altercation and also said that he never got physical with her again after that point. Not to mention that when K. Michelle was asked about the specific abuse and her specific injuries, she answered repeatedly that she did not recall.

To make K. Michelle sound even more ridiculous, her own manager is on camera claiming that it was his decision with K. Michelle to hold off on releasing a full album while under contract with Jive Records and working with Memphitz. K. Michelle always left out that part when she would start to rant about how she was never able to release an album while working with Memphitz when she knew that an album drop could be worse for her career than to just release singles. Ironically, she’s been able to capitalize on her reality TV popularity in recent years and produce several relatively successful albums, which might have actually done better if K. Michelle worked harder on being relatable rather than constantly criticizing those who she doesn’t think deserve to be more popular than she is, like her recent rant against Adele.

The timing of this anonymous video is questionable with all that K. Michelle has going on in the press lately. She just admitted that she regrets feuding with Memphitz’ wife Toya Wright on Instagram just days ago. This tape also drops anonymously right after Memphitz lost his lawsuit against K. Michelle. Could K. Michelle regret the feud with Toya because she knew this information about her claims against Memphitz would be made public? Just because Memphitz lost his lawsuit against his former lover doesn’t mean a tape completely disputing everything she has built her reality TV reputation on for the past few years could really hurt her career.

Not to mention her credibility with fans who really related to her stories about how Memphitz used and abused her before she broke away from the allegedly abusive relationship. K. Michelle just announced her new album, More Issues Than Vogue. She has been faithfully churning out new albums with the most recent being, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, and Rebellious Soul being the most successful releases, right in line with the reality star’s career on TV and her growing fan base because of the multiple reality shows that she appears on.

As bitter as the feud between K. Michelle and Toya was, with headlines claiming K. dragged Toya on Instagram, it was shocking when they suddenly squashed their beef out of nowhere. K. Michelle just announced that she finally talked to Memphitz and that was it, she was at peace like K. Michele suddenly stopped being petty overnight. Do you think this video proves K. Michelle basically wrote her own story line for reality TV and now she’s been busted in a huge web of lies? This latest revelation about K. Michelle might make its way on to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta which should be filming right about now and has K. Michelle listed as returning cast.

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