Inside Blake Shelton’s Romance With Gwen Stefani And Why Stefani Loves The Country Life

Multiple reports have Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s romance accelerating at a fast speed. Some reports say that they’re ready to settle down and have a family of their own, while other outlets point that Blake is ready to pop the question. While we don’t know if that’s more than talk, we do have information that Stefani and Shelton are really enjoying their time together as a couple.

The pair have only been going out for three months, but it sounds like they have already gotten cozy with each other by taking trips to the country. According to E!, Stefani is loving the country life and she and Shelton have made numerous trips to his home in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

A source explained to the outlet:

“It’s all systems go. They are very happy together. Their relationship is solid.”

And that’s not all — it’s said that Shelton is already influencing Stefani in the most unexpected ways. Stefani, who’s known for her pop-ska style of singing and vibing in her music, has turned a little country since they’ve gotten together. Sounds like the Oklahoma air is really doing something to the rocker, because she and Blake have already written a song together.

As for the simple life in Tishomingo, locals told E! that it’s “an easy place to live the simple life.” And although Stefani is from California, we can definitely see her planting roots in a place that has a similar vibe in a slightly different way.

When they’re in Shelton’s hometown, they visit his favorite spots including a local Dairy Queen, and Gonzalez Mexican restaurant. During a recent trip, the two were seen picking up some supplies at Atwoods Ranch and going to the Dollar General market.

Sources told E! that Oklahoma is still very much Blake’s home, and now he wants to share it with his new love.

Of how often Shelton comes and goes, a local said: “He comes in as often as he can. He’ll come in for two days and then head out. He flies in every chance he can. He likes being here and comes to visit his mom too.”

The source continued: “No one bothers him here. He can be himself. He is just one of the town people when he is here. When he is here, he is home. He is very unpretentious and laid back.”

Another source stated that Gwen suits Blake in her demeanor, especially when she’s in Oklahoma. The source explained that Gwen is “pretty down to earth and raised with good values. Both have a good sense of humor and are kind people. Gwen laughs easily and genuinely. She’s real normal and grounded.”

Since they started their relationship, they’ve been together on The Voice mentoring potential artists, but Stefani’s contract has her on the show every other season. On the off seasons, Christina Aguilera steps in and mentors singers. It was originally reported that Shelton wanted Stefani to remain on the show, and that some people behind the scenes weren’t pleased with Aguilera coming back after a fun and successful season with Stefani.

Although Shelton went on a recent Twitter rant denying rumors about his professional and personal life, it looks like Stefani will remain on the show. It’s said that Gwen will be Shelton’s advisor for the upcoming season of The Voice.

[Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images]