Diddy To Be Pharrell's Advisor On Season 10 Of 'The Voice' After Blake Shelton Enlists Girlfriend Gwen Stefani

Season 10 of The Voice is shaping up to be an epic music battle as the coaches have already begun recruiting some of their advisors. It looks like Pharrell means business again with the upcoming season because he is bringing Diddy on board. Pharrell has only won one season of The Voice compared to Blake Shelton's four wins. Blake recently announced that his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, would be joining as his advisor since Christina Aguilera is also coming back for the upcoming season, pushing Gwen out of her seat as coach during season 9. Miley Cyrus and Patti LaBelle are also reportedly joining the singing competition as advisors in the upcoming season 10 which is set to premiere on February 29, according to People.

Pharrell and Diddy are longtime friends and collaborators. Just last year, the pair released a song together called "Finna Get Loose." Pharrell credits Diddy with being one of his mentors and says he's going to bring that relationship to his team on The Voice. Entertainment Tonight was on the set where Diddy gave advice to Pharrell's group of competitors. Pharrell had nothing but great things to say about Diddy and how he helped the coach on The Voice to get his start.

"Essentially, what it is that I do on the show is what he did for me," Pharrell explains. "I came in the studio with Chad [Hugo, of The Neptunes], and we produced some records and he was the one that looked at me and said, 'You gotta do more than be behind the keyboards. You gotta get in front of the keyboard, as well.'"

Pharrell continued about how he got his start ended up working with Diddy.

"Fast forward years later, we got to work with Puff. I had already gotten rid of the dreams of being a performer, I was past that," the 42-year-old recalls. "But he was the one that identified so much more in me. Had I just stayed in my comfort zone, I wouldn't have known that there was so much more I could do in the world."

Pharrell has a message for the contestants in his group this year.

"Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone," he explains, "because the greatest part of you is the undiscovered part of you." Does that mean fans of The Voice can expect a few surprises in the upcoming season? The longtime coach has been trying to win another season and with the help of Diddy, that just might become a reality.

Of course, other coaches are bringing in their big guns for season 10 of The Voice. Christina Aguilera will be working with Patti LaBelle as she returns to take her red chair back from last season's coach, Gwen Stefani. That won't be Stefani's exit from the hit NBC singing competition, though. Gwen will be returning as her boyfriend's advisor. Naturally, because Gwen and Blake are basically inseparable at this point. To round out the group of A-list advisors, Miley Cyrus is on board to teach The Voice contestants what it takes to be her during season 10 of the hit reality singing competition.

Who are you cheering for on season 10 of The Voice? Should Blake Shelton win another title this year, making it five wins out of the 10 seasons he's been involved with the show? If Adam Levine wins, he'll tie Blake with four wins each. This will be Christine Aguilera's sixth season coaching with no wins to her name yet while Pharrell is getting ready to debut his fourth season on The Voice with just one win thus far.

Season 10 of The Voice airs Feb. 29 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]