Assistant Principal Frank Farino Claims He Was Pinned Down And Fondled By His Boss

Frank Farino, a Queen’s elementary school assistant principal has brought a federal lawsuit against his former male boss, claiming the man fondled him and pinned him to a bed during an education conference in Las Vegas. Farino maintains that his then-boss, John Quattrocchi harrassed him for two years with sexual advances and gifts and then retaliated against him when he filed a complaint with the New York Education Department, The New York Daily News reports. Farino claims the alleged sexual assault at the Las Vegas hotel lasted three to five hours, accoridng to the Huffington Post.

Farino, 42, filed a lawsuit claiming lurid behavior with the Brooklyn Federal Court. Quattrocchi served as a principal at Public School 43 – “The School by the Sea” in Far Rockaway since 1997. Quattrocchi was transferred in 2010 pending the outcome of an investigation into sexual harassment claims but retired in April before a ruling had been given, according to The New York Daily News.

The alleged inappropriate behavior of Quattrocchi began in 2009 and eventually led to an assault when during a staff development conference in Las Vegas later that same year. Farino claims Quattrocchi “ordered” him inside his hotel room, pinned him facedown onto the bed and then began kissing and fondling him, according to the Huffington Post. Farino also claims Quattrocchi invited him to join a “foursome.”

“I feel I was violated and bullied by this man. He crossed a line,” Farino stated during an interview with The New York Daily News.

Farino maintains that Quattrocchi gave him unsatisfactory job performance evaluations in retaliation for refusing his sexual advances. Farino also blames his former boss for false allegations of misconduct levied against him after he filed a sexual harassment complaint with the New York Department of Education, according to lawsuit excerpt republished by The New York Daily News.

“Quattrocchi then ordered Farino to locate his ex-boyfriend for him. Quattrocchi told Farino, ‘You know you have to do this for me – everything will be OK,’ a phrase Quattrocchi often repeated to Farino throughout 2009 and 2010 as his sexual harassment continued,” – lawsuit excerpt republished by the Huffington Post.