'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Shawn & Fynn Fight Over Lani?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for upcoming storylines reveal that Shawn Brady may finally realize that there's no going back with estranged wife Belle Black and decide it is time to move on. However, Shawn's decision to move on may cause a problem between him and his brand new friend, Fynn.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Shawn Brady may actually give up on getting his marriage back on track with Belle Black, who seems to be more interested in rekindling her romance with her ex-husband, Philip Kiriakis. Shawn, who recently moved back to Salem and is working at the Salem Police Department in the forensics unit, is starting to build his new life in his hometown. He's already made new friends in Dr. Fynn and detective Lani, but those new friendships may be in jeopardy in the near future.

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The reports suggest that Days of Our Lives fans will see Shawn take a liking to Lani and decide that maybe it's time that he ask her out. However, Shawn's new buddy, Fynn, has already met Lani and has his sights set on her as well. Lani, who is the recently discovered daughter of Abe Carver, may find herself in the middle of two friends and engaged in a love triangle, which seems to be something Shawn is familiar with. While it seems that Lani would lean more toward Shawn in the romance department after her first impression of Fynn was a bit off putting, she just may find herself seeing a whole new side to the doctor and being unable to resist his good looks, charm, and ability to save lives.

Meanwhile, many Days of Our Lives fans believe that Belle and Shawn will eventually make their way back to one another sooner or later. Their daughter Claire has been adamant about getting her parents back together and very vocal about not liking the fact that Belle has been dating Philip.

However, Belle may soon find herself very busy -- maybe too busy for romantic time with Philip. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal she'll decide to use some of the money that Sami stole from the DiMera family and gave to her to protect and to open up her very own club, where her daughter Claire can sing! This could be a serious mistake for Belle, as Andre already believed that she knew more than she was telling about Sami and the whereabouts of his family fortune. If Belle opens the club, it could be a red flag revealing to Andre that Belle actually does have money, which could lead him to go after her again.

Days of Our Lives spoilers
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However, Andre may be too busy exacting his revenge on Hope Brady to notice what is going on with Belle Black. Days of Our Lives fans know that Hope killed Andre's father, Stefano DiMera, and then Rafe Hernandez helped her cover up the murder. Hope and Rafe have been looking over their shoulders ever since, and when Andre discovered his father's dead body he knew instantly that it was Hope that was to blame for his death. Since that time he's vowed to get revenge on Hope, and will even set her house on fire.

Andre has even set his sights on Hope's step-son, Chase Jennings, and seems to be trying to use Chase to help him carry out his revenge plan, just the same way the DiMera family used Chase's father, Aiden Jennings, which is a character who is reportedly set to rise from the dead later this year to stun Days of Our Lives viewers.

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