‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Meredith To Struggle In A New, Tragic Way

Grey’s Anatomy officially returns this week, and fans are going to get some serious drama while watching the Season 12 midseason premiere. Everyone’s favorite doctor, Meredith Grey, is going to find herself in another one of those life-or-death situations that she seems to always get herself into.

According to the latest Grey’s Anatomy spoilers by Design & Trend, Meredith will start off her day like any other, working in her beloved hospital and helping save lives, when she’ll come across a very angry, agitated, and violent patient who will attack her!

Grey’s Anatomy fans may cringe at the brutal attack bestowed upon Meredith Grey, as she’s hit, pushed around, even slammed into some glass. Later, when Mere is found, the doctors who have become her friends and family will fight to save her life.

Grey's Anatomy spoilers: Meredith Grey attacked by patient.
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Grey’s Anatomy viewers know that Meredith Grey is a survivor who has overcome so many obstacles in her life such as a near drowning, the death of husband Dr. Derek Shepherd, an airplane crash, and so much more. While Mere will survive this as well, it will be a very different outcome for the good doctor.

Meredith will not only possibly be deaf for an undetermined amount of time, but once she begins to recover from the brutal attack, she’ll also be in a wheelchair. In fact, the attack will have a “long-term” impact on Meredith’s life, Grey’s Anatomy actress Caterina Scorsone, who plays Dr. Amelia Shepherd, Meredith’s sister-in-law and roommate on the long-running ABC drama series, told TV Guide.

“The attack itself is shocking. It’s quite brutal, and the damage is extensive. It’s not just a couple bruises… It’s a pretty long-term situation.

“Meredith is the person who gets attacked, but it does impact everyone quite profoundly because she’s such a central person in the constellation of relationships at the hospital.”

Of course, Grey’s Anatomy fans know that Meredith has a lot of people around her who love and support her and would help her in any way possible. However, knowing that she now will have long-term injuries, it will be interesting to see how she handles the shift in her life, as she’ll likely not be able to do her job as the chief of general surgery like before or parent her three young children by herself the same way.

Grey's Anatomy: Alex and Meredith.
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This will be a huge change for Meredith Grey, and while viewers have seen her overcome crazy odds, survive multiple tragedies, and save countless lives, it seems that the life she’ll now have to save is her own. We’ve never seen Meredith deal with something like this before, where it is her own health in question. If she’ll be in a wheelchair, her entire world will be flipped upside down, and she’ll have to learn to beat the odds yet again.

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy fans still have a bitter taste in their mouths over the fact that Meredith’s best friend, Dr. Cristina Yang, won’t be around to help Mere out during this time. Actress Sandra Oh, who played Cristina on the series for 10 seasons, hasn’t been seen back for any of the big events in Meredith’s life. However, it was implied that she did come back for Derek Shepherd’s funeral, although her face was never seen. Viewers are still holding out hope that now that Meredith’s life is so strikingly different than it’s ever been, Cristina could return to the picture even if for only an episode or two. It seems that Mere could really use a pep talk from “her person” at this time in her life.

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