WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio Returning To WWE Before Third Season Of 'Lucha Underground'

WWE is bringing in big names left and right with the signing of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and a host of others. It really does seem as if they are working on getting as many big names as possible, and that wouldn't hurt with WrestleMania 32 approaching and many top stars injured. Now, rumors are swirling again that Rey Mysterio could end up returning to WWE very soon, and it could greatly affect Lucha Underground.

Everyone kind of thought that Mysterio would be back in WWE someday, but maybe not this soon.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, friends of Mysterio are now stating that it isn't a matter of "if" but more a matter of "when" he returns to WWE. They think it's just a matter of time now until he comes to an agreement with WWE and heads back.

This is something that is not necessarily good news for Lucha Underground. The promotion was just recently given a third season, and it is expected to premiere in September of this year, but they are going to start taping and production in March.

It wouldn't be great for Lucha Underground to have Mysterio as the focus of Season 2, which just began two weeks ago, and then have him disappear for Season 3.

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In the past couple of weeks, it was reported that Rey Mysterio was on bad terms with AAA after they had fallen behind on their payments. He was holding out and not showing up for events because they had not yet paid him for appearances he had already made for the company.

When Mysterio left WWE, it was known that AAA was going to be one of his primary locations to wrestle. It was also to be a big source of income for him, as they're one of the bigger promotions in the world and can offer more money.

Well, they could offer more money.

Lucha Underground is a good place for Mysterio to be, but with tapings only happening at a certain time of year and seasons happening maybe twice a year now, it's not consistent work. WrestleZone is reporting that the original air date for Season 3 was to be "early 2017" but has likely been moved up now.

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The situation with WWE and Rey Mysterio is very similar to that of the one that was between WWE and Alberto Del Rio. Money and creative decisions were a bit of the issue, but that ended up getting resolved, and seeing as they split up on good terms, Del Rio returned.

With WWE looking to possibly bring back the Cruiserweight division to some extent, it would make sense to have one of the greatest of all time back in Mysterio. He could participate, coach, train, and do so much more for the division no matter if it's all cruiserweights or just newbies coming into the company.

Lucha Underground's matters probably weren't helped any when Triple H and other WWE officials recently met with the promotion about working together. It's not known exactly why, but Lucha Underground did turn them down.

For what it's worth, Lucha Underground also turned down an offer from TNA to work with them as well.

It should also be noted that Konnan recently said that Rey Mysterio would be open to working a part-time schedule with WWE. This was primarily due to the money issue with AAA that still has not been worked out at this time.

Rey Mysterio's return to WWE isn't something that is confirmed, but it does seem more likely now and his friends even think so. If he does end up going back to WWE, it could be huge for them, but extraordinarily damaging for Lucha Underground and their third season.

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