Blake Shelton Ready To Propose To Gwen Stefani [Report]

Things are still going strong for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, so strong, in fact, that Blake is allegedly already thinking of ways to propose to Gwen.

According to a new report by Hollywood Life, a source close to the couple revealed that Blake is currently planning how he's going to pop the question to Stefani and revealed that the "God Gave Me You" singer has even considered getting down on one knee as early as this coming Valentine's Day.

"Blake and Gwen are really going strong and getting engaged is definitely a real thing that has been talked about, but Blake wants to make it perfect and make the day special," a source supposedly told the site of Blake's big engagement plans.

"He thought that he would propose on Valentine's Day but then talked himself out of it because he thought it would be too cheesy and obvious to do it on that day," the insider continued to the site, adding that Blake would much rather ask Gwen to be his wife "at another time to make that date their own special day."

But while we likely won't be seeing a rock on Stefani's finger as soon as February 14, the site is claiming that it probably won't be too much longer before Blake does ask the big question to Gwen, who he was first romantically linked to following his split from Miranda Lambert in November.

"He's thinking of pulling the trigger on their engagement in the summer around his birthday," the source allegedly confirmed to the site earlier this week, meaning that we could see Stefani and Shelton engaged by the time Shelton turns 40 in June.

"It's definitely on his mind a lot," the insider added.

But while Hollywood Life is claiming that Blake Shelton is ready to walk down the aisle with Gwen Stefani, InTouch Weekly is reporting that Shelton's ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, may delay their loved-up plans, as she's supposedly ready to have a "showdown" with Gwen.

According to the magazine, Lambert is looking to have a frank talk with Stefani regarding her relationship with her former husband, which she's hoping will see them bury the hatchet regarding Gwen's current and Miranda's former relationship with Blake once and for all.

The site is reporting that it was Gwen's very public romance with Shelton that caused a pretty serious rift between Stefani and Lambert that Miranda felt "wasn't fair... wasn't nice" and "broke all girl codes."

"Gwen paraded her romance with Blake like it was some big prize she won at the county fair," the source said, adding that Miranda felt Gwen's big display was "to make her feel better about the end of her marriage to Gavin Rossdale," who Stefani divorced in October 2015.

"Miranda doesn't hold back when she communicates with Blake," the source continued, "whether it's through texts that she knows Gwen will see, phone calls or through mutual friends. Gwen feels Miranda is hurt and acting out when she does it. But even though she knows that, it doesn't sting any less."

Although Miranda and Gwen have not confirmed that they're planning on meeting face-to-face to hash out what InTouch is alleging is some bad blood over Blake Shelton, the site revealed that there's the potential for the supposed meeting to turn "explosive."

"Sometimes [Miranda Lambert] can't control herself," a source close to Lambert supposedly told InTouch, adding that if things don't go well between her and Gwen during their alleged coming showdown, "the gloves would definitely come off."

Do you think Blake Shelton is getting ready to propose to Gwen Stefani?

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