Ted Cruz And Donald Trump Engage In An Ad War Following The NH Primaries

Right after the New Hampshire primaries, it is back to business for Republican rivals Texas Senator Ted Cruz and business tycoon Donald Trump.

Now that both presidential candidates have each won one of the last two nominations, a win in the South Carolina primaries would secure an early lead.

Trump, 69, did not want to waste time and put up a commercial that directly attacks Cruz’s reputation as a presidential candidate.

New Trump ad on #TedCruz—”What kind of man”—released in South Carolina https://t.co/lNRJJCfkhn #DonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/bWpohTvZDb

— Donald Daily (@Donalddaily_com) February 10, 2016

The advertisement begins with a picture of Trump giving a thumbs-up, which signifies that he “approves of the message.” However, it quickly becomes an offensive attack against Ted Cruz, 45, when a raspy voice-over states that the senator “talks from both sides of his mouth on amnesty” as far as undocumented immigrants are concerned.

All of these things are happening while a picture of Ted Cruz zooms in and a Fox News interview plays in the background.

The ad then transitions into another photograph of a smirking Cruz, who appears to be gazing at an image of the Wall Street sign. The narrator of the advertisement then accuses him of taking $1 million worth of undisclosed loans from Wall Street banks.

Finally, the ad stated that Ted Cruz also had dirty tactics, especially during the Iowa caucus, when his campaign told precinct captains before voting that retired neurosurgeon and fellow presidential candidate Ben Carson had dropped out of the race.

The ad ended with a claim that Ted Cruz cannot be trusted. Trump’s commercial aired on South Carolina broadcasts and cable networks within the state.

Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz Can’t Be Trusted

Obviously, the demeaning advertisement did not sit well among the Texas senator’s campaign people, especially Cruz, who is aiming to bounce back in the South Carolina primaries by the end of the month.

The senator released his own advertisement that aired on South Carolina’s networks, showing children playing with a “Trump” action figure.

In the commercial, Trump is depicted as a toy that destroys an entire LEGO house, probably symbolizing what he would do to the entire United States if he becomes president.

When another kid asks what the Trump action figure can do, the boy plainly said, “He pretends to be a Republican.”

The kids in the commercial also talked about some of the controversies Trump got involved in, including his move to force an elderly woman to sell her house just so he can have a parking space for his vehicles.

Another portion of the kids’ dialogue was in reference to Trump’s joke that he gave Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton money.

By the end of the advertisement, the parents of one of the kids were shown and appear to be eavesdropping. They were shocked at the values they were learning while playing with the Trump action figure.

The two aggressive commercials are clearly proof that the battle for the Republican nomination has narrowed to between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. While Cruz lost by a huge margin in New Hampshire, he is still confident that he is the only one who can beat Trump.

In a beach resort in South Carolina were about 200 people were in attendance, Cruz boldly said that “the only candidate who can beat Donald Trump is me. The other candidates are unequal to do so.”

Recent numbers and polls may tell otherwise, but Ted Cruz may have a point. According to a report, Cruz may not have expected to win in New Hampshire in the first place, given that he only spent $580,000 in his campaign there.

His win in Iowa and loss in New Hampshire are also seen as indicators as to who will support him – evangelicals and other Republicans with ultra-conservative positions on such issues as abortion, same-sex marriage, foreign policies, and immigration.

[Photo by Scott Eisen and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]