Gwen Stefani Joins Blake Shelton On 'The Voice:' Patti LaBelle Aids 'Diva' Christina Aguilera & Miley Cyrus Advises

Last season on The Voice, one of the highlights for viewers was watching the friendship between coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani blossom into a romance. So when the news came that the upcoming season of The Voice would feature Christina Aguilera rather than the No Doubt front woman, fans were dismayed.

But now the country crooner is ready to reveal that he's chosen his girlfriend to mentor his team on The Voice, reported Billboard.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are ready to reunite on
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are ready to reunite on 'The Voice.' [Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]That gives Christina her rights to the famous red coach chair on The Voice, traditionally filled by a female, while putting Gwen in the spotlight for Season 10 as a mentor and adviser for her boyfriend's team.

"You start thinking who are the ultimate like artists out there that you can get to mentor your team.... And it's like, wait a minute, this is perfect! And I actually know her, it'll be easy to call her," explained Shelton of the process that went into getting Stefani to work with her.

"We know we collaborate well together as coaches so of course I would have her as my mentor, and she is so smart and talented."
The compliments between the two lovebirds weren't all one-sided, however.

"I love this place, I love being here," gushed Gwen about The Voice, praising her boyfriend as well by noting, "He's very perceptive about voices and he's just really good at what he does. That's why he's a winner and it was really fun to be in there with him and to learn a little bit today."

How can Christina compete with that duo? As she returns to The Voice, Aguilera is getting her own adviser in the form of Patti LaBelle, reported People.

Christina now has a Grammy winner who's thrilled to support Aguilera's push to achieve a winner on The Voice next season. Patti warned those who might try to overtake them.

"The Voice" coaches Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton share a laugh. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NBCUniversal]"I adore Christina, so I was honored and excited when she invited me to be a part of her team and we had a ball working together!" exclaimed LaBelle. "And there is so much talent on our team... everyone else better watch out!"

As to why Aguilera skipped last season of The Voice, the 35-year-old wanted some time with her daughter, Summer Rain, whose father is her fiancé, Matt Rutler. Christina also had other projects to keep her busy.

But now Aguilera is back and excited about Season 10 of The Voice.

"Working with Patti was a dream come true," revealed Christina. "She is my girl and she has a voice like no other! It was such a great experience to have her mentor my team and she has such a great way of giving advice in a way that is clear and direct yet gentle and constructive."

Jazzing up Season 10 of The Voice, in addition to the competition that's already happening, is drama over the diva behavior of Aguilera, a source told Radar Online.

"The filming of the new TV spot promo with Christina was absolutely horrendous," said the source. "She showed up late and acted like she owned the shoot. The entire thing had to be about her or else she would have flipped out."

Moreover, the new Voice coach demanded that she use her private makeup and hair team and own fashions.

"She just would not take any direction for the shoot and wanted it to center around her. And so it did," added the insider. "[The other coaches] just let Christina have her way... a lot of people are just kinda bummed that they brought her back."

So far, however, there's no anti-sentiment brewing around the news that Miley Cyrus is joining The Voice crew as the key adviser. Miley herself announced her role on social media with a picture in which she was licking one of The Voice buttons, reported CNN.

Cyrus will be taking on a role that's been filled in the past by superstars such as Taylor Swift, advising the judges ranging from Aguilera and Shelton to Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams. You can watch the excitement begin on February 29 at 8 p.m. when Season 10 of The Voice debuts.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NBCUniversal]