One Direction Star Louis Tomlinson And The Baby Mama Drama

There are days when fans of Louis Tomlinson simply wish that they had stayed in bed. For months now, Louis’ fans have been subjected to day after day of rumors, speculation, and often downright lies in sections of the media. Central to One Direction star Louis’ ongoing drama is of course the birth of his son, Freddie Tomlinson. Freddie may top the charts in the drama stakes, but Tomlinson’s relationships with baby mama Briana Jungwirth and with his supposed new squeeze Danielle Campbell are not far behind.

The problem is that some media outlets make absolutely no attempt to keep a consistent narrative where Tomlinson is concerned. One day, it is being reported that Louis and Danielle Campbell are engaged to be married because they were papped holding hands as they went to dinner on her birthday. The following day, the same publication reports that Louis has ditched Danielle and is “back together” with baby mama Briana.

It is small wonder that Louis’ fans have gotten to the stage where they simply do not believe a word that is reported about the 24-year-old One Direction star. To illustrate the confusion and misinformation that abounds, In Touch claims that they have exclusively learned that Louis has hired designer Jeff Andrews to create a custom $1 million nursery for his baby son, Freddie Tomlinson.

One has to wonder where Louis is going to put this $1 million nursery, because according to the Mirror, he is renting Paul McKenna’s L.A. home so that he can spend time with his son. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reveals that Tomlinson is renting a home for Briana and Freddie near to her mother’s home in Calabasas. Now, Tomlinson is indisputably a very wealthy young man, but he is unlikely to stay that way if he is set to blow $1 million on a nursery in a rented home that they may only remain in for a very short period of time.

Just a couple of days back, the Daily Mail reported that Louis had spent $5,000 on a “lavish” nursery for Freddie and said that Tomlinson was “more than happy” to pay for it, implying that Louis had been splashing big bucks. It may be the case that the Mail reporter has not shopped for baby furniture recently, because a modest crib from Toys R’ Us can easily set you back $1,000. The fact is that $5,000 on a nursery is a pretty modest sum by any standards.

Let’s skip back to Tomlinson’s love life. Unreality TV is claiming that Louis and baby mama Briana are “back on” after becoming close in the wake of Freddie’s birth. The problem is that they use Hollywood Life as a source, and in turn they quote In Touch when they claim that Louis and Briana are an item.

“Since they’ve been playing house, she’s been elated. It’s as if Briana considers Danielle nonexistent. I think she thinks she could be with Louis forever.”

Of course Unreality TV were one of the outlets that only a couple of days back were claiming that Louis had gotten engaged to Danielle Campbell. It wasn’t long ago that one of In Touch’s impeccable “sources” was assuring us – Exclusively! – that Louis and Briana were expecting a girl.

“It’s a girl! Louis’ family is thrilled. They would have been happy either way, but they know he will be a great dad to a daughter because he has six sisters. And Briana’s over the moon!”

In the face of all of these conflicting stories, it is not hard to see why many of Tomlinson’s fans do not believe a word that is written about Louis. So many outlets claim exclusives about Tomlinson and his bandmates, and they almost all quote an “anonymous source close to Louis.” It is long past the stage where Tomlinson’s fans see that source cited and automatically assume they are being lied to.

Sadly for Tomlinson and the rest of One Direction, it would be impossible to correct all of these false and misleading stories; there are just too many of them. Instead, Louis tends to let things ride and for the most part ignores the gossip. If there is one thing that Tomlinson will have learned over the past five years, it is that some sections of the media will write whatever they please, whether or not there is any basis in truth.

Against that backdrop, you begin to understand why Tomlinson has said virtually nothing about Briana and her pregnancy. The chances are that Louis understood from the outset that the baby Tomlinson story would be the subject of speculation and misleading articles, no matter what he said. As a result, it seems that Louis chose to say nothing. As any fan of Tomlinson is well aware, that brought its own issues, but at least Louis’ own words were not used against him.

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