Randy Travis Performs For First Time In 3 Years, Sings ‘Amazing Grace’

Randy Travis fans have been looking for updates on the country star, but there hasn’t been a lot coming out lately. Now Randy’s fans are finally hearing how he is doing after having a stroke three years ago. Taste of Country shared that Randy Travis went to a funeral on February 3, and the country singer actually performed while he was there as well. This is said to be Randy Travis’ first public appearance since he had his stroke back in July of 2013. A lot of people thought that Randy might not make it and nobody really knew if he would ever perform again.

Randy Travis actually went to a funeral to celebrate the life and legacy of Kiepersol Estates founder Pierre de Wet at KE Bushman Celebration Center in Bullard, Texas. Randy Travis didn’t sing by himself, but he actually joined Keipersol Estates employees and their families and performed the song “Amazing Grace.” This was one of the first times that a lot of people have even seen Randy Travis out in a long time. Alabama’s Randy Owens also performed at this funeral. It sounded like a great event for Pierre de Wet and a lot of people loved him.

There have not been a lot of updates lately on Randy Travis, but his longtime friend Chuck Lipps, vice president of West Virginia-based concert promotion group RMA, gave an update not long ago on him. He said that “He can talk … say words, but no sentences. He is alert and knew me.” He spent all day with Randy Travis and it sounds like the two had a great time together.

There do not seem to be any videos released yet of Randy Travis singing, but his fans are happy to hear that Randy is on the road to recovery. There was a good chance that Randy would never sing again after his stroke, and to have him up on the stage again is great news.

Wide Open Country did share a picture of Randy Travis at the funeral. They shared that there were over 1,000 people at the funeral for Randy Travis. It turns out that “Amazing Grace” was actually the last song that Randy Travis performed live before his stroke happened. This made it the perfect song for him to perform now that he is able to get on stage again. Everyone at this funeral had to be surprised to see Randy up there singing.

Randy Travis did show up at the 2015 ACM Awards and also at the Grand Ole Opry. Everyone is really hopeful that these appearances are going to keep coming and that Randy Travis will be singing by himself soon. If things keep going like it is, Randy Travis could be back on the stage by himself again soon. That is exactly what his fans want to see.

Us Weekly shared about Randy’s rare appearance at the 2015 ACM Awards. At the event, he was honored by fellow crooner Lee Brice. During his performance, Brice talked about Randy Travis.

“That classic song won Song of the Year in 1987, and the man who sang it has had an amazing comeback to be with us tonight. Ladies and gentleman, the great Randy Travis!”

Are you shocked to hear that Randy Travis was able to sing “Amazing Grace” at this funeral? Do you think that his fans may get the chance to hear Randy sing again soon? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Hopefully Travis will continue to get better and fans will continue to get updates on him.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for George Strait]