George Bush Backs Jeb In TV Ad, But ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Parody Better The Original

George Bush entered the political arena again this past Sunday for brother Jeb Bush, hoping his presence would strengthen the younger Busher brother’s presidential campaign as pivotal primary stops in South Carolina and New Hampshire loomed.

The entry brought about another perhaps unforeseen consequences thanks to the folks as Jimmy Kimmel Live! The ad George Bush crafted to support his brother became one of the first parodies of the former commander in chief in several years, the Blaze reported on Wednesday.

The elder Bush brother and former president recorded a political endorsement for the super PAC backing Jeb’s campaign. The political group, called Right to Rise USA, purchased air time during the Super Bowl in New Hampshire and South Carolina to run the advertisement below.

The crew at Jimmy Kimmel Live! pounced on the advertisement, seizing an opportunity to pick on an all-too-familiar target for the show’s comedy writers. Again, the lovable, mistake-laden caricature of George Bush was on full display in the convincing parody.

While using some of the same scenes, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! staff used the voice of George impersonator John Morgan to pull off the skit. The satirical skit immediately set the tone for the 50-second segment.

“America needs help. Parents can’t put food on their families. And our children still isn’t learning.”

The George impersonator followed up those one liners with another well-known saying from George Bush. Calling his brother a “good little guy,” the fake George Bush explained how important the Oval Office would be to Jeb in the spoof.

“That’s where my little brother would work if he were president, which, well, don’t bet on it. But don’t misunderestimate Jeb, either.”

The real political advertisement may have benefitted Jeb in New Hampshire, as the former Florida governor – who is seeking to become the third Bush elected to the White House – finished a surprising fourth, forging past U.S. Senator Marco Rubio after his third place finish in Iowa.

George Bush could have influence for Jeb in the South Carolina primaries, as he swept the state’s electoral votes both in 2000 and 2004. Jeb told The Kelly File that George Bush, who currently maintains a 77 percent approval rating among Republicans, is joining the campaign trail at the appropriate time, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

“He’s pretty popular down here in South Carolina. I’m expecting that people will appreciate seeing him and they certainly like the ad.”

In addition to the television spot for the Right To Rise USA, George Bush also recorded a radio advertisement for his brother’s campaign, CNN reported. While details are still being worked out, voters could also see George Bush make a cameo appearance for Jeb in South Carolina, the report suggested.

While George Bush may be the star power Jeb is seeking, other candidates from both political parties have used Saturday Night Live to attract attention to their campaign, the Inquisitr previously reported. Hillary Clinton was the first to do so this political season, appearing on the first episode of the 2015-2016 season as a bartender named Val. Bernie Sanders followed suit months later, wrapping up a cameo appearance on the popular show just last weekend with doppelganger Larry David.

Donald Trump, who won the New Hampshire primary, is the candidate with the most air time on SNL. The Republican front-runner hosted the show in 2015, garnering big ratings for his controversial appearance. His signature moment came when he danced to a parody of “Hotline Bling” in a prerecorded skit.

While Jeb Bush is still among a crowded Republican field, the Democratic nomination is down to two individuals: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. That’s thanks to the only other candidate in 2016, Martin O’Malley, dropping out of the race immediately following the Iowa caucuses.

What do you think about the George Bush political ad parody that Jimmy Kimmel Live! aired earlier this week? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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