Woman Pulls Over Cop For Speeding, Now The Cops Are Retaliating

A video by a woman named Claudia Castillo went viral after she filmed herself pulling over a cop named Daniel Fonticiella for speeding over 90 mph and asking him to drive less recklessly. While the cop himself apologized and went about his business, Claudia Castillo is now claiming the leader of the local police union is trying to get revenge by publicly humiliating her on the internet.

According to the Huffington Post, Sergeant Javier Ortiz, the president of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police, has made it his mission to retaliate against the woman who was bold enough to pull over one of his officers. He’s been reportedly posting online about Claudia Castillo for two weeks, publicizing the fact that she was cited for careless driving around the same time she accused Officer Fonticiella of driving recklessly. Ortiz also blatantly accused Castillo of being a “cop hater.”

Oh look, cop wannabe #claudiacastillo got cited for careless driving 2 weeks ago. Sounds like a #COPHaterpic.twitter.com/SG2vB6nEnj

— Miami FOP 20 (@JavierOrtizFOP) February 3, 2016

But Ortiz took things a step further by essentially doxing the woman who pulled over Fonticiella. Doxing is the word used on the internet for the act of posting someone’s private information for the world to see. Ortiz posted another picture of Claudia Castillo to Facebook driving a speed boat while holding a can of beer.

Wannabe cop #claudiaCastillo likes to drink and drive recreational vessels. #greatRoleModel #budlightparty pic.twitter.com/NMjYcOqzXz

— Miami FOP 20 (@JavierOrtizFOP) February 3, 2016

But he also shared her private phone number and an image of her business card and explicitly encouraged the internet to give her a call. And it seems they did.

Screencapture of post doxing Claudia Castillo.
(Photo via Facebook)

Since that second post was published, Claudia Castillo claims she’s been receiving non-stop phone calls from anonymous individuals, seemingly calling on behalf of Sgt. Ortiz. Eventually, her phone number was taken down after a complaint was made to Facebook, but Castillo claims her phone has still not stopped ringing off the hook.

She told Photography Is Not A Crime that many of the calls are very threatening.

“Some have been courageous to leave a message, leaving threats. None have been courageous to say anything to my face,” said Claudia. “They say, ‘Be careful what you do. You better watch your back. Be careful how you proceed. You better drive very carefully.'”

The post containing her phone number has since been re-uploaded by Ortiz.

And Ortiz has kept up the posts about Castillo, to the point that many Twitter users have turned on him, accusing him of harassment, threats and cyber bullying.

@JavierOrtizFOP Keep posting targeted harassment at a civilian I’ll keep reporting them to twitter. #CyberBully

— The Doctor (@AlphaWolf1969) February 9, 2016

According to the Miami New Times, Ortiz maintains that his actions are both completely legal and totally fair game, saying, “I simply ‘shared’ information posted by another poster. Ms. Castillo is all over the media voluntarily stating that no one is above the law. Clearly she has a double standard for herself.”

While some people have not explicitly sided with Claudia Castillo, they believe the Police Union leader has stepped way over the line by doxing her. Filmmaker Billy Corben has accused him of cyberbullying as well, sharing the news story with the following caption.

“How can City of Miami Police Department overcome ‘no snitch’ culture in our streets when the president of their union attacks witnesses who report cops that break the law? You either want the community’s help to solve crimes or you don’t.”

Neither Claudia Castillo nor Officer Fonticiella have a perfect driving record, with Claudia having been pulled over 14 different times in the past two decades and the officer involved in seven different crashes.

What do you think? Was it right for Claudia to pull over a cop? Is it okay for Sgt. Ortiz to publicize her information?

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