WWE Rumors: Huge Heel Turn Could Bring Major TNA Character Into WWE

Just a couple of evenings ago on Monday Night RAW, the Dudley Boyz teamed up with The Usos to take on The New Day and Mark Henry in a Tables Match. After the conclusion of that match, the Dudley Boyz attacked The Usos and essentially turned themselves heel in the process, as they were met with a lot of heat from the crowd. Their heel turn could end up being even bigger, though, as a major character from TNA could show up because of it.

When the Dudley Boyz returned to WWE at the end of the summer, they were back in their camouflage ring attire and ready to "Get The Tables." The heel turn on Monday could change things up a bit, and it could actually bring Bully Ray, the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, into WWE.

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[Image via TNA]According to Wrestling Inc., the Dudleys appeared at the SmackDown taping last night, and spoilers have them hitting the ring in street clothes. They don't look a whole lot like themselves, but do look like they did during their heel runs in TNA.
"The Dudley Boyz come out in street clothes and Bubba Ray Dudley is looking more like Bully Ray than before."
The extremely successful tag team cut a promo in the ring, which is surrounded by tables. Replays are shown of the heel turn from Monday, where they turned on The Usos. Bubba Ray cut a big-time heel promo and came down on Daniel Bryan for retiring, which got him major heat.

Now, the Dudleys are believers in "Save The Tables," and say they won't be dealing with them anymore. The Dudley Boyz aren't going to break tables just to make the fans happy.

On Monday night, the Dudleys proved that they aren't teaming up with The Usos. They aren't teaming up with Mark Henry. They aren't teaming up with The New Day. The Dudley Boyz are only out for themselves, and don't care what they need to do to show that to the world, according to WWE.com.

After the heel turn on Monday Night RAW, the Dudley Boyz hopped on social media to show their happiness in how things turned out.

For those that have watched the Dudley Boyz for a long time, and knew them in their ECW days, that phrase used to be a bit different. In ECW, Bubba Ray changed it to say "Thou shalt not f**k with the Dudley Boys."

D-Von Dudley was just as thrilled.

So, the Dudley Boyz have already turned heel, and it's actually for the better, as the only major heel tag team is The New Day, since The Ascension doesn't count a whole lot. What one has to wonder now is just how far WWE will go with the heel turn.

It's highly unlikely that WWE will ever change Bubba Ray Dudley's name to be "Bully Ray," considering their B.A. Star anti-bullying campaign. That is huge for the company, and they are not going to risk any type of bad press by promoting bullying in WWE.

dudley boyz heel turn tna wwe rumors bully ray
[Image via WWE]The Dudleys will likely do away with the tables. They will probably get a change in ring attire, and just turn into solid heels. Anyone that ever saw Bully Ray in TNA knows how great he was as a world champion and in the heel role. Both Dudleys are great in heel roles.

While the characteristics and even the character of Bully Ray will now arrive in WWE, don't expect the name change to happen.

Bull Ray's personality has already hit WWE as the former TNA World Champion arrived on Monday night when the Dudley Boyz turned heel. His name may never be uttered on television again, but his traits and character certainly will be seen.

[Image via WWE]