Bridge Between Detroit And Canada Shut Down After Bomb Threat

Detroit, MI – The Ambassador Bridge, the busiest crossing between Canada and the United States was shut down on Monday evening after someone called in a bomb threat. Confirmation of the threat was given by Detroit International Bridge Company president Dan Stamper.

In a statement regarding the Ambassador Bridge bomb threat Stamper noted:

“We take any threat very seriously, and set in motion the security measures the bridge has had in place since 9/11, staying in constant contact with first responders.”

Stamper then added:

“We cannot confirm, but suspect, that this has something to do with Canada’s disinvestment at the border by cutting back on customs’ agents.”

The bomb threat comes just four days after the Detroit-Windsor tunnel was also closed down because of a bomb threat. The tunnel was closed after a man made a call from a local pay phone.

Monday night’s bomb threat at the Ambassador Bridge forced authorities to shut down the crossing at 7:20pm. The Detroit-Windsor tunnel was still open after the threat, allowing drivers and passengers to cross back into the both countries.

The tunnel threat four days ago did not lead to the discover of explosive devices and authorities have not yet discovered any explosive devices at the Ambassador Bridge.

U.S. Coast Guard Cmdr. Jeff Ogden tells CBC:

“We’ll do what we can to maintain maritime safety. No matter how many times we have to do it, we’ll maintain the safety of the public. No one should fear any danger. There is great international co-operation here.”

The Ambassador Bridge is a “trade critical” transportation hub which in 2010 saw 28,814 trucks cross over its surface on a daily basis with over $500 million in trade value.