Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders Win The New Hampshire Primary

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have won the New Hampshire primary, reports the New York Times. The win is surprising for Bernie Sanders especially, because of Hillary Clinton’s deep history with New Hampshire voters.

CBS initially reported their belief that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won the primaries, but now we have a confirmation.

It’s a stunning development because Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton were both expected to win the primary despite widespread polls being in support of Sanders and Trump. Both parties believed that, in the end, voters would come to their senses when they hit the voting booths.

The New Hampshire Primary results told a different story.

With the Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders win, other political candidates like Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz will have to go back to the drawing board to find ways to win the remaining states during a long campaign season.

Patrick Healy at The New York Times reports that Clinton might have to change up her strategy. He writes, “Mrs. Clinton, who won the primary here in 2008, planned to huddle with her advisers on Wednesday to discuss possible changes in political strategy and additions of staff members, according to Democrats close to the Clinton’s. She also plans to discuss whether to mount new lines of attack against Mr. Sanders on Thursday night at their next debate.”

It’s definitely an exciting time for both parties, who each have different winners this time around.

The republican side on its own is looking at two leading candidates with a lot of campaign money and support–it’s going to be an interesting road going forward.

Healy continued, “On the Republican side, with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas winning the leadoff Iowa caucuses and Mr. Trump prevailing here, the political establishment is confronted with two leading candidates running well-funded campaigns explicitly against the leadership of the party whose nomination they seek. Their success in the two early nominating states suggests that a long, costly and unusually turbulent primary campaign will follow.”

Ever since Donald Trump announced his running for President last year, the republican party has remained divided about how to handle him. Unlike other candidates that need campaign money, Mr. Trump does not, therefore giving him vast control of his own campaign and, as we all know, his own thoughts and beliefs.

On the other side, Bernie Sanders has resonated with voters in a way that Hillary Clinton might not have expected, but the results in the New Hampshire Primary are just a speed bump–at least, that’s what her supporters think.

“A big win in Nevada is really important for her to show she represents the changing face of America and can build on that,” said Jim Manley, a Clinton backer and former aide to Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. “Nevada and South Carolina are where she needs to regain her footing after New Hampshire.”

If Bernie Sanders moves ahead and defeats Hillary in the Nevada primary, then that would raise even more concern than there is now.

Patrick Healy writes, “But first Mrs. Clinton and her husband must shake off the New Hampshire loss, one of the most stinging of their long political careers.”

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]