‘Underdark’ Expansion Now Live For Xbox One Players Of ‘Neverwinter’

Xbox One heroes in Neverwinter have brand new content to experience starting today. The “Underdark” module is now live on the console and it brings with it two new skirmishes, a new 10-player battle, a new story arc written by R.A. Salvatore, and much more. Most notably, players will be able to fight alongside the famous Drizzt Do’Urden in the expansion which will surely be a highlight for many Dungeons & Dragons fans.

Players will take part in the Rage of Demons arc thanks to the release of “Underdark.” New heroic encounters, a new hub zone, and other new features are also part of the expansion. According to the Arc Game website, players will begin in the expansion by starting the line of quests written by R.A. Salvatore. During this quest, players will meet iconic characters like Drizzt Do’Urden and Bruenor Battlehammer. The rest of the “Underdark” campaign picks up in the new hub city of Mantol-Derith in Neverwinter.

The new module also ushers in a few changes to the items available in the Tarmalune Trade Store. As many Neverwinter players know, the Trade Bar Store is the place to spend Tarmalune bars; a currency looted from the game’s miscellaneous lockboxes. As The Inquisitr reported, many items that can be purchased from the Trade Bar Store were expected to be cheaper. This included the paramount Coalescent Wards which were said to drop from 200 Trade Bars to just 75. While many items received their lower price and other items were shifted solely to the Trade Bar Store, Coalescent Wards are noticeably absent in the Trade Bar Store on Xbox One.

According to a Cryptic Studios post on the official Neverwinter subreddit, this was due to a miscommunication in the Trade Bar Store changes announcement post. This post has since been updated to note that the information is true for PC but will not necessarily apply to the Xbox One version of Neverwinter. This update was added after the update to Xbox One, however, leaving some players rather perturbed about the situation.

An image of "Underdark" content in Neverwinter [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]

Controversy aside, Xbox One players of Neverwinter can now enjoy the free-to-play content that “Underdark” adds right away. Players can also support the developers and the longevity of the game by spending real money on Zen. Zen can be used in the Zen Market on items like companions, convenience items, and Enchanted Keys. Those keys are used to open lockboxes that drop throughout the game. Although that is the only way to open a lockbox, players can utilize the Astral Diamond currency exchange to buy Zen from other players. This lets players use in-game currency instead of real money to open lockboxes or purchase things from the Zen Market.

Two new items are now available to Xbox One Neverwinter players including the Grazilaxx Bundle and the Enchanted Keys and Dusk Boots package. The Grazilaxx Bundle includes the Grazilaxx companion and the player’s choice of Dusk glove armor. The Enchanted Keys and Dusk Boots package includes 20 Enchanted Keys and Dusk foot armor. These items are available to purchase in the Zen Market, of course.

Battle massive enemies in Neverwinter [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]

Neverwinter on Xbox One also updated with a new lockbox today, too. The Glorious Resurgence Lockbox contains items from previously discontinued lockboxes giving players another chance to find those rare mounts and items. More common items are still included in The Glorious Resurgence Lockbox but if a player manages to receive the epic or legendary prize, the player gets to choose their reward. Opening a lockbox is a gamble, but players can also sell the contents of the lockbox can also be traded. Players looking to guarantee the acquisition of a preferred mount or companion can opt to buy it from another player.

[Image via Perfect World Entertainment]