‘Neverwinter’ Lockbox Currency Overhaul Coming To Xbox One With ‘Underdark’ Release

When the next expansion module for Neverwinter on Xbox One launches, players will find changes to the lockbox currency will also occur. Lockboxes in Neverwinter drop from defeated foes and contain a random reward when opened. Different types of lockboxes drop at different times and a Zen Market item is required in order to open a lockbox. The currency found within all lockboxes, and the Trade Bar Store where they are spent, will undergo an overhaul when the next expansion releases on the Xbox One version of Neverwinter.

Opening a lockbox in Neverwinter is a bit of gamble. Players need an Enchanted Key for each lockbox they wish to open. Enchanted Keys cost 125 Zen in the Zen Market or they can be earned from the VIP program. This means lockboxes must be opened for real money unless the player uses the Astral Diamond exchange to purchase Zen. Each lockbox has a variety of things including items like mounts, companions, enchantments, and runestones. The most coveted prizes, like mounts and companions, are rarer than the common items. Opening a lockbox does not guarantee a player will receive what they want, but the currency within the box can help.

A screenshot from the ‘Underdark’ expansion of ‘Neverwinter.’ [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]
Each opened lockbox will give the player a number of Tarmalune Trade Bars, in addition to whatever item they retrieve randomly. This currency can be exchanged for specific rewards in the Trade Bar Store. When Underdark releases on the Xbox One’s Neverwinter, many prices in the Trade Bar Store will be permanently lowered, according to the official site. Additionally, new items will be available in the Trade Bar Store including mounts from retired lockboxes, uncommon rarity companions found in lockboxes, and uncommon rarity artifacts found in lockboxes.

For example, items likes Coalescent Wards will be permanently dropped from 200 Trade Bars to 75 Trade Bars. The Small Forest Stag will cost 750 Trade Bars instead of 1,600 while the Inferno Nightmare mount will drop from 2,000 to 500 Trade Bars. A full list of changed prices can be found on the official site in addition to the price listing for new items in the Trade Bar Store. New artifacts will be 1,200 Trade Bars each, new companions will set players back 800 Trade Bars, and new mounts from retired lockboxes will be as much as 2,400 Trade Bars apiece. Equipment will cost between five and 80 Trade Bars depending on the selection.

‘Underdark’ in ‘Neverwinter.’ [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]
Moreover, looted Trade Bars can now be traded between characters on an account letting multiple characters contribute to the account’s collection of Trade Bars. The Trade Bar Store will also be accessible from anywhere when Underdark releases instead of locating a Trade Bar Merchant. Fashion items, dyes, and more will be purchasable in the Trade Bar Store, too, after the update. Fashion items are just 160 Trade Bars, while Dyes will cost players between two and six Trade Bars.

The Underdark expansion will launch on the Xbox One version of Neverwinteron February 9 according to the Arc Games site. That is when players can expect the Trade Bar changes including the new items in the Trade Bar Store. About a month after these changes, Neverwinter players will notice that several items previously available in the Zen Market will move exclusively to the Trade Bar Store. These items include fashion items, dyes, lesser health stones, and scrolls of life.

Underdark will add a new hub zone to Neverwinter in addition to new skirmishes, new story-driven content, a new 10-player raid, and much more. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the module also features a quest written exclusively for Neverwinter by R. A. Salvatore, and the expansion will give players a chance to fight alongside Drizzt Do’Urden.

[Image via Perfect World Entertainment]

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