Steve Nash Keystone Light Video Is Real, Says Keystone

The team at Keystone is insisting that the Keystone Light video featuring Steve Nash on the L.A. Freeway is real and not a staged chance at publicity orchestrated by the beer maker.

If you are unfamiliar with the incident, Steve Nash was arriving in Los Angeles when a group of Los Angeles Lakers fans spotted him in the back of a yellow taxi cab on an L.A. freeway. The men pull up beside the cab and on a second attempt they screamed out in celebration of Nash while handing him a Keystone light as both vehicles were still moving at freeway speeds.

The footage is pretty insane and some fans had believed it was staged because of the point of view shooting. Instead Steve Nash and Keystone claim he was using his own phone and that he posted the video on his own.

Steve Nash may not have been paid this time around but Keystone would be foolish not to give him some type of endorsement deal. Perhaps Nash and Keith Stone can get together to serenade the ladies at an NBA game.

Keystone’s response?

“While we can take credit for the ‘Always Smooth’ taste of Keystone Light, we had nothing to do with this video.”

Viral videos often lend themselves to better publicity than well thought out campaigns and in this case Keystone has a big winner on their hands. I see multiple cases of free Keystone light in Steve Nash’s future.

In case you haven’t seen the Steve Nash Keystone light video here it is: