Friend Of Nicole Lovell, 13, Says Nicole Wanted To ‘Marry And Start A Family’ With Facebook Lover, 18, Accused Of Killing Her

A 13-year-old girl, Nicole Lovell, was allegedly murdered last month by a Virginia Tech freshman she met on Facebook. The impressionable young girl was allegedly speaking with a number of older men on social media, and at least one of her friends say that she was warned about the potential dangers. In fact, Nicole’s friend, Natasha Bryant, says that prior to her murder, the young girl had expressed that she was going to “marry and start a family” with 18-year-old David Eisenhauer, the Virginia Tech student who has been accused of killing Nicole. However, Natasha says she warned Nicole that talking to strangers on social media was a bad idea, and that she could end up being kidnapped or hurt. Sadly, Natasha was correct, and Nicole was found murdered last month.

The Daily Mail reports that 13-year-old Nicole Lovell was murdered after police allege she met up with an older man from Facebook. The teen allegedly told friends she was dating 18-year-old David Eisenhauer, who she met on Facebook. The young girl spoke with David on the anonymous texting app, Kik, and told friends he was “funny and really nice.” However, the friends say they didn’t think too much about the relationship, as they say Nicole rarely talked about David and that they didn’t believe she would actually run away to be with him. Though she didn’t expect Nicole would follow through with plans to meet David, Natasha says she told her friend to be careful as she could end up getting “kidnapped or hurt.”

“She always talked of running away with him. She used to talk to a lot of older guys. A lot of people told her not to. I told her it’s not safe. I told her she was going to be hurt or kidnapped or something.”

Natasha confirmed what police indicated in reports that claim Nicole first met David on Facebook and that the pair then began talking on the anonymous messaging app Kik. Nicole’s father, David Lovell, has acknowledged that his daughter was speaking to older men online, and that he knew about it. He says that Nicole lost her phone privileges once he found out about the interactions, but that she later got her phone back and that is apparently when she agreed to meet David Eisenhauer in person.

WDBJ7 reports that Nicole’s father said it was “obvious” that many of the older men his daughter was talking to had fake profiles. He says that though they took Nicole’s phone in December, she later got her phone back and vanished on January 27, 2016. The girl’s body would be found just days later across the state line in North Carolina. The 18-year-old Virginia Tech student, David Eisenhauer, was charged with abduction and murder in the case, along with 19-year-old Nicole Keepers, who allegedly was an accessory before and after the crime as she appears to have helped Eisenhauer dispose of the body.

Police say that Eisenhauer likely killed the young girl because he was scared their relationship would be made public, and that the pair had “inappropriate” relations of some undisclosed form prior to the murder.

“While no official motive has been released, sources say that Lovell and Eisenhauer had sexual contact. CNN last week reported, according to sources, that Eisenhauer may have killed Lovell to keep her from revealing the ‘inappropriate’ relationship.”

Meanwhile, Montgomery County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mary Pettitt, is working hard to keep Keepers, the alleged accomplice to Eisenhauer, behind bars as evidence is obtained. The prosecutor has won the first round, with Keepers being denied bond.

[Image via Facebook/Nicole Lovell]