Social Media Marketing Becomes The New Hot Job Offer While Google Receives Patent That Could Eliminate Social Media Marketers

Social media marketing is one of the hottest jobs available today. For those who have writing and social media skills, they can write their own tickets financially because those skills are crucial for creating great content and then connecting that content to the right audiences. Having an effective social media marketing plan is crucial to succeeding in business now because so many potential customers are connected online. Sites like Instagram and Facebook have become far more than just a place to goof off. They are now a place to showcase products and services and connect with potential customers where they are.

The Economic Times, part of the India Times, reported that social media marketing has given birth to a cool new career: the social media marketing manager. The job of a social media manager is to create and upload engaging content to acquire and retain customers. Many who choose this career path were previously content writers or marketing and advertising professionals.

According to Helen Isser, who started the social media management agency Pennylane Social, it’s a great career for moms and college students.

“The profession has emerged popular among fresh graduates, women and new mothers… College freshers live and breathe social media. They don’t look at it as a job.”

Many companies don’t believe that customers will trust a brand unless they see it talked about on social media. Aditya Jayaram, a social media manager with an IT firm in Whitefield said that just about every company has a social media presence now.

“Every company, including Google, has social media presence,” says Aditya Jayaram, a social media manager with an IT firm in Whitefield. “There has been a dynamic shift from call center to social media space. Customer complaints made on Twitter handles and Facebook are intimated to us through social marketing platforms like Radian6.”

As previously reported in Inquisitr, there are several online marketing trends that small businesses will need to pay attention to in 2016 if they want to grow their businesses. Facebook will begin offering revenue sharing to major brands that offer video content. YouTube already offers revenue sharing for video creators, and video is an effective way to market online as YouTube gets billions of page views every year.

Mobile phones outnumber computers by five to one, and mobile marketing will have a major impact on marketing. Not only do marketers need to optimize their content for mobile, mobile offers plenty of social media marketing tools like apps, that marketers can use to market their businesses. This also allows social media marketing managers to be more mobile and run a social media marketing campaign from anywhere.

The Biz Times of the Milwaukee Business News reported that Google received a patent recently that could potentially eliminate the need for social media marketing managers. Although Google excels at maximizing content reach across the internet, their solution may not necessarily be enough to replace social media managers. Adding sharing buttons to emails allows users to share the content they received. The problem arises because it’s a cookie cutter solution. There is no one size fits all solution to social media marketing as each brand is different.

For companies who want the maximum reach with their social media marketing campaigns, the key is to focus on the brand and connecting brand with their potential customers. Since expressive story telling is replacing traditional ads, brands have a better chance at success when they focus on telling their stories. Although Google’s new tool may help, brands will benefit from creating their own unique campaigns.

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